Stan Browney


  • Stepbro Xabbs7
    Stepbro Xabbs7

    I'm the one thousand comment

  • Hitesh Thakur
    Hitesh Thakur

    haha....i do 250 push-ups every day in three different variations....

  • trakx

    Is he dutch? Cruz i see da Sparta t shirt

  • TV Vreugdenhil
    TV Vreugdenhil

    je bent nederlans maak ook een nwederlans acount


    give the kid a bike lol

  • ZGJ Finance
    ZGJ Finance

    Eating healthy doesn’t have to be less tasty. Season that dam chicken booii

  • Dinoboy

    You should let Arjen try this

  • Angus Mash
    Angus Mash


  • Victor Nickel
    Victor Nickel

    Is it me or when they do side hop arjen looks like hes floating hes that fast

  • David _
    David _

    Wim have bigger legs props to him

  • ASIF Y2K
    ASIF Y2K

    Damn' the guy in the blue shirt on wire

  • MP Photography
    MP Photography


  • Dinoboy

    This guy gave me motivation to work out

  • Assault Collin
    Assault Collin

    Zijn jullie nederlands want jou broertje had Feyenoord shirt

  • Danyal Raja
    Danyal Raja

  • Bishop vs Knight
    Bishop vs Knight

    Mine max is just 35 and these guys doing 200 is'nt it crazy

  • xxSell

    guy in blue shirt looks like ryan gosling

  • Midnight Beats
    Midnight Beats

    I do karate and I should say that those aren't professional boards, try to buy century karate boards. BTW I can break the second to last board

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton

    if one of your goals isn't to find your trousers then you have not got your priorities correct. (your thumbnail)

  • Kevin Van Santen
    Kevin Van Santen

    Lol nl

  • Cute Boy
    Cute Boy

    Well I have muscles I'm strong and I say hehe boi 😏😎

  • Qasim The Great
    Qasim The Great

    In 30 seconds i do 15 pull ups

  • sanja singh
    sanja singh

    I can do a 2 finger push up and I'm 11 I did not know I can do that

  • Thierry Uwizeyimana
    Thierry Uwizeyimana

    If jousha kimmich gymed

  • Nate Rager
    Nate Rager

    Blue shorts’ form wasn’t great at times but he has an elite mentality. He’s a machine

  • Miguel

    Browney: Oh man, this hurt TGITBS: Three more sets

  • Sohayb Sikli
    Sohayb Sikli


  • AlexPlaysRoblox

    4:12 what happened to your thumb and how.

  • Duuk Wildeman
    Duuk Wildeman

    1:17 ahhahahah bahahahahaha

  • Adib Ahbab
    Adib Ahbab

    Can Someone gimmi the 00:01 sound track?

  • Miss A. De Jonge
    Miss A. De Jonge

    I think you need to understand muscle density and weight. If you're trying to build muscle correctly you're more than likely going to get heavier.

  • Alfie Toohappy
    Alfie Toohappy

    I finished doing 1000 push ups in 45 minutes. Well after a lot of tries every two days. Because of you.

  • qwertyuiop

    Browney doesnt know what to say........ smash liek

  • Kail Mohamed
    Kail Mohamed

    I did 28

  • Corona Gains
    Corona Gains


  • Chilled Laminton
    Chilled Laminton

    This is awesome!

  • Tibbe God
    Tibbe God

    Wait... i have the same bed xD

  • Tibe Moun
    Tibe Moun

    I took cold shower like 10 yeah

  • Deku Gaming
    Deku Gaming

    nice video.. there were some mistakes btw... at 6:19 it was written day 30 but it should actually be day 60.


    Super bro I m from India I m really loved ur channel

  • Thybor Freitas
    Thybor Freitas

    Hi guys, Actually this challenge kind of motivated me to keep going. I did the 200 in 21 minutes but I can't go over 40 pushups at the beginning. Is that okay for someone that just restarted after a year of brake ? 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • qwertyuiop

    When he said smash that liek, i was thinking what link

  • Isa Weterings
    Isa Weterings

    Are you dutch?

  • MP Photography
    MP Photography

    Just started working out. My weight is just right but I want to get some muscles. You're the one that keeps me going! Great role model!

  • Matthew Lai
    Matthew Lai

    I think my shower is warmer than yours. It's just like a cold pool, 60 degrees ferenheight.

  • Benlahcene BENZARA TAHAR
    Benlahcene BENZARA TAHAR

    All that luxury and he challenged him for 500$ only!!🤦‍♂️

  • Rowan Tharwat
    Rowan Tharwat

    lol don't do that. start with hot water and then slowly to warm then to cold. i always do that all my life

  • Efthimis Danasis
    Efthimis Danasis

    Question... I took my first cold shower and it was easy and could go for 5+ minutes, what am I doing wrong??

  • Lissu R.
    Lissu R.

    me to myself: "Giving up already?" me: ... *NO*

  • Eddie Luck
    Eddie Luck

    This video is so inspirational. I am gong to do his method, and do everything I can to get better at the sports I play, workouts, and school. We are superhuman.

  • Saad Malik Tv
    Saad Malik Tv


  • Excellent Way
    Excellent Way

    4:20 my time

  • KS

    Absolutely love the micro goals! A big part of being unhealthy is the symptoms of depression and fatigue. The little things like making the bed can seem very daunting.

  • DMT_Yvng Jay
    DMT_Yvng Jay

    Whats the song in the background


    LOL he only tried it now i have been doing this for when i was 4 and now i am older lol #browney week

  • Apdite

    1:38 "holy shit these holy shit (jesus music plays)

  • sagar pendhe
    sagar pendhe

    22:00 😂😂😂

  • Sidhart Watson
    Sidhart Watson

    Hallo het is zo leuk om mensen van mij land te zien

  • Aiden Loehr
    Aiden Loehr

    Browny, there is this guy named Coltyy, and he might be competing in something that I think you could do good in!

  • Vedant Kutwal
    Vedant Kutwal

    The only thing left now is a bed to sleep😂😂🤣🤣 Just sell your house put a bed somewhere in the gym and live there😂😂🤣🤣Or you could actually just sleep on the couch!!! But yeah congrats bro and you motivate me a lot bro. Hats off!!!!

  • Love Oneother
    Love Oneother

    Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; Colossians 4:2 KJV

  • Weirdfeet

    Ryan Gosling lite

  • TolgaAesthetics

    i started training after a long break and gained 5 kg in 3 months

  • Ce0 -_-
    Ce0 -_-

    In 8 days your sister is gonna Try it again

  • Nomster Sama
    Nomster Sama

    Not worth the money but cool challenge to watch XD

  • AMG studios
    AMG studios

    this is the most entreating channel on ITmores for fitness


    do a 2 hand push up

  • Harshu playz
    Harshu playz

    U copied the other guys thumbnail

  • mooglemania

    When she's only ninety-something kg and she loses 14, that's like over a ten percent body weight loss, in just three months. That's way too fast. I hope her heart is ok.

  • Rise Star
    Rise Star

    Love from India🇮🇳 ❤

  • Ace

    If you have a nice friend like browney you can go to any height you wanna achieve

  • Michal Bednařík
    Michal Bednařík

    4:55 song??

  • Koushal Agarwal
    Koushal Agarwal

    I highly recommend you to check vidyut Jamwal challenges 🤯 He is freaking awesome 🤯🤯



  • McCrown

    I think you are Dutch?!

  • Dr. Krabbe
    Dr. Krabbe

    Sasha Huber

  • Tmgbros 2011
    Tmgbros 2011

    Me: in Ramadan fasting Browney:are you hungry? Me:remembers food 🍟🍔🌭🍕🍗🌯🫔🌮🧆🥙🍦


    I am not able to put push my legs to wall

  • fury gamer
    fury gamer

    Seriously begginer is more heavier than pro dudu