3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a Day For 30 days, These Are The Results
3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a day for 30 days, These Are The Results
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200 push ups a day for 30 days, is it something you should do, does it actually work? And for who, only for beginners? Will it do nothing, or will it get you a lot stronger and build you massive muscles?
Well my brother did this 4 years ago, yes results, he was a starter back then and didn’t really work out after that until last year where I challenged him to transform his body in 90 days, and he did, but now I want to challenge him to do this again and see what happens...
But, he is not the only one I am challenging. In this video you'll 3 guys with a ll a different level of experience do 200 pushups a day for 30 days. A beginner, an intermediate and a professional!

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  • Browney

    They put in a lot of work! Scroll up and smash liek for the effort. Have you tried this challenge? 👀

    • Rodriguez Victor
      Rodriguez Victor

      I did 100 navy seal burpies for 30 days very challenging but doable

    • Haterz 82
      Haterz 82

      Nah i am more of a pullup and chinups guy.( weighted)

    • Belabed Jijli
      Belabed Jijli

      ذذ*ذذذذ*ذذذذذذذذذذذ ذذذذذ ذذذذ ذذ ذشش*ذذذذذذذذذ *ذذذ ذذذذذذذذ * ذذذ ذ *ذذذذذ ذ *ذ ذذذذذ ذذذذ ذذ ذذذذذذذذذ ذذذذذذذ ذذ ذذذذذ ذ ذذ ذذذذذذذذذذذ ذذذذذذذذ * ذ ذ ذ ذ ذ ذذذذذذذ ذذ * ذذذذذذذذ ذ ذذذذذذذذذذذذ ذذذذذذذذذذذ *ذذذذذ *ج*ذذ * * ذ *ذذ * ذ * ذ*ذذذذ ذذذ ذذذ@ذ @ششششششذ ذذذذذذذذ ش ذذ ذ ذ ذذ ذذذ ش

    • Belabed Jijli
      Belabed Jijli

      ذذذذذذذ * ذذذذذذ ذذذذذذذذذذذذذ

    • DJ MTB 2018
      DJ MTB 2018

      This is day 4

  • PersonalNinja

    12:06 **says right shoulder is sore** **touches left**

  • Saurabh Pandey
    Saurabh Pandey

    I do 111 push ups daily but didn't get a good transformation in my body?

  • Grimm Geo
    Grimm Geo

    18:45 That's just greed giving him power :)))


    It takes 1 year . It is not possible

  • demo sage
    demo sage

    how does that weighing machine can say body fat ? 🤔

  • Aldi Kudo
    Aldi Kudo

    I love their cat too whoa

  • Kazekage Mark
    Kazekage Mark

    Good job sften

  • Prajwal C
    Prajwal C


  • Richard

    The “Pro guy” Form is not correct. His chest is to far away from the floor. The pro guy is talking about pain in the shoulder maybe fix your form first.

  • hisocar

    Eating properly and losing weight xD

  • Unmesh Das
    Unmesh Das

    And there's me can't even do 10

  • primal series
    primal series

    I am also ready for your challenge

  • lynth

    It clearly didn't make much of a difference in physique but they did get better at push-ups!

  • Felix Toh
    Felix Toh

    Do you believe 200 push up every day for 30 days? must be kidding

  • Markenzy

    That guy in the blue shirt just seems extreme

  • Manjith Reddy
    Manjith Reddy

    Hi do we need to follow a diet during the challenge

  • Breezy

    No one is commenting on the fact that Arjen just did 150 push ups in a row?

  • dingdingdingdiiiiing

    It would be nice to see only strict form, no baby reps with bent back.

  • G1 Britez Joaquin
    G1 Britez Joaquin

    me who makes 500 per day : . _.


    you can have the strongest arms in the world but if your wrist are weak you cant do that much push-ups, to improve this do knuckle push-ups

  • GamingWithJess -
    GamingWithJess -

    You messed up jorg’s weight on day 30

  • Blake VanDam
    Blake VanDam

    Girls just don't get how hard it is

  • III Avila
    III Avila

    Should I aim for 300 a day an goto work? I'M DEFINITELY A BABY THOUGH

  • Parisana Ngangom
    Parisana Ngangom

    Am gonna start today and see if it works for me

  • Bob DeMaria
    Bob DeMaria

    The ‘Pro’ was pushing his ass up in the air during his test, then followed by his chest. That’s not a push up. Keep the correct form or it doesn’t count.

  • Joe bo
    Joe bo

    no leg day meaning sticks for feet

  • Jocelyn Chiasson
    Jocelyn Chiasson

    The amateur is the only one doing proper form push up

  • Dion Darwinkel
    Dion Darwinkel

    Sten with The Feyenoord shirt❤️

  • Dacen Vazquez
    Dacen Vazquez

    Most of these weren’t real pushups but no hate

  • VirtualGladiator67

    The skinny guys abs though is he even human

  • Hitesh Thakur
    Hitesh Thakur

    haha....i do 250 push-ups every day in three different variations....

  • TV Vreugdenhil
    TV Vreugdenhil

    je bent nederlans maak ook een nwederlans acount

  • Bishop vs Knight
    Bishop vs Knight

    Mine max is just 35 and these guys doing 200 is'nt it crazy

  • Nate Rager
    Nate Rager

    Blue shorts’ form wasn’t great at times but he has an elite mentality. He’s a machine

  • Thybor Freitas
    Thybor Freitas

    Hi guys, Actually this challenge kind of motivated me to keep going. I did the 200 in 21 minutes but I can't go over 40 pushups at the beginning. Is that okay for someone that just restarted after a year of brake ? 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • DMT_Yvng Jay
    DMT_Yvng Jay

    Whats the song in the background

  • sagar pendhe
    sagar pendhe

    22:00 😂😂😂

  • Love Oneother
    Love Oneother

    Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; Colossians 4:2 KJV

  • Nomster Sama
    Nomster Sama

    Not worth the money but cool challenge to watch XD

  • fury gamer
    fury gamer

    Seriously begginer is more heavier than pro dudu

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    Those perfect form push ups he did damn! Tall guy

  • Eli Yoder
    Eli Yoder

    Who else thinks his brother looks like flexinja, the pro omen valorant player

  • Kaijudozero

    Im doing 100 every other day currently. The day in between im always feeling it in my chest and triceps like crazy but reaching 100 feels amazing as on day 1 i could barely do 12 per set. Im doing 25-30 4x now. Pretty satisfied so far on my 3rd week

  • mafia fruit
    mafia fruit

    The skinny guy has clear disadvantages, since he is far taller than the others. It is annoying how these little shits are not aware of it and make him look weak.

  • Matthew Lai
    Matthew Lai

    How did Jorg lose weight in KGs but gain weight in lbs?

  • EnderSlayer14

    I literally did 6 pushups before i collapsed lol

  • Sem Schoofs
    Sem Schoofs

    Awesome video man! The only thing that sucks is stan's Feyenoord T-shirt.

  • Lander Hendrix
    Lander Hendrix

    Every time when you hear a dutchman speaking English you can hear very good they are from the Netherlands

  • Lander Hendrix
    Lander Hendrix

    Are you from the Netherlands?

  • Gabriel Djärv
    Gabriel Djärv

    Stan improved his time more than double and endurance is more useful than explosive strength. My respect went 📈

  • Thomas The legend
    Thomas The legend

    The skinny guy looks likes a youtuber named hazourdous I am sorry to call the person skinny

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh

    Tha challenge quite impressive men . Actually I saw the video having a lots of fun

  • Jolie Spindler
    Jolie Spindler

    Listen closely at 21:56

  • Isaac IL
    Isaac IL

    okey fine youtube I will watch the video

  • Suryaansh Rathee
    Suryaansh Rathee

    Mr beast vibes

  • jose_cbg

    Do they did after that they main workout?

  • Minuit.est. la
    Minuit.est. la

    What’s the actual name of Browney?😂

  • Toxic yT
    Toxic yT

    I am 11 and I do 90 pushup a day and I am 11

  • Vailing_Break

    the guy is very nice he earns a lot of respect

  • southcoaster

    great job

  • Faze rug
    Faze rug


  • pop poppy
    pop poppy

    You need pull ups too doe

  • Daniel Lee-Hassett
    Daniel Lee-Hassett

    1:13 bro whats wrong with this guys abs

  • Otto Cornett
    Otto Cornett

    Next have them do 200 push ups, 300 sit ups, and 300 squats a day

    • G1 Britez Joaquin
      G1 Britez Joaquin

      @Steve Rogers they gonna go bald

    • Steve Rogers
      Steve Rogers


    • Soma Néo Saki
      Soma Néo Saki

      and run 200km a day to become stronger than one punch man

  • Palle Kuling
    Palle Kuling

    5 reps 5 set heavy bechpress would have generetated more mucle than 200 push ups.

  • Arsh Thakur
    Arsh Thakur

    200 push up a day for bignerres nahh

  • Christopher Wykel
    Christopher Wykel

    Next challenge should be hand-release pushups.

  • Aviar 2301
    Aviar 2301


  • Emmanuel Kyeremeh
    Emmanuel Kyeremeh

    The guy in deep blue wasn't in correct form for most of his push ups. Doing workouts with correct form is more important that doing it with a poor form to get many repetitions. One gets the most out of working out when the entire workout is done with a correct form.

  • Pedro Maciel
    Pedro Maciel

    respect them all 😌

  • Muneeb ali
    Muneeb ali


  • Gio Vane
    Gio Vane

    Lives in the Netherlands *gives his friends dollars?*

  • Steele Saldutti
    Steele Saldutti

    "pro" has the worst form

  • Owen

    Third guys form was so much worse than the other guys

  • Owen

    First guy had insane form though

  • NateTheGreat370



    9:21 this is sus

  • Austin H
    Austin H

    I've always been told that you don't want to work the same muscles daily because you need to rest them so they have a chance to heal and grow. I'm curious if they did this only 2-3x per week, would they get better results?

  • MrPanSzymon

    As far as I'm concerned the 'pro' has not done a single proper form push up, because he never came close to touching the ground with his chest

  • MrPanSzymon

    Lets be clear here, if somebody is straight after 90 days of physique transformation and can do 36 push-ups just like that should be called at least intermediate no?

  • Haluk Ziya Zorluoğlu
    Haluk Ziya Zorluoğlu

    This is not a proper push-up. They are all doing half range

  • Tkxzz1

    This dude made my day he is so inspirational

  • Cameron Woodward
    Cameron Woodward

    mad respect for all 3

  • Ethan Dyrli
    Ethan Dyrli

    Did you guys do any other training besides chest during this challenge?

  • madinyo


  • Nate Grundmann
    Nate Grundmann

    Next time you should also give $1 for every minute they beat their first time by

  • MP3D_IOS_Pro YT
    MP3D_IOS_Pro YT

    I love long challenge videos. Keep it up!

  • Patrik Szuromi
    Patrik Szuromi

    It ain't good doing every day 200 push ups muscle have to regenerate

  • SOUL gamerz
    SOUL gamerz

    You will gain the power of Saitama from one punch man

  • Mirco Lang
    Mirco Lang

    9:01 min She could also be dead.

  • k

    should add a person that takes their vitamins if you wanna see real gains in 30 days

  • Daxlr

    are you dutch?

  • John Filipinas
    John Filipinas

    Im doing 200 P.U for 2months.now..i feel strong but result is quit slow

  • Enzo Chua
    Enzo Chua

    you can do it captain america!

  • Ranger Shake
    Ranger Shake

    Me whos max push up is .5

  • mrextreme1960

    Blue shirt’s push-ups were not as full range as the others, not deep enough.

  • Gabriel Bourke
    Gabriel Bourke

    Youth is wasted on the young...only kidding... At 50+ years of age doing those numbers of push-ups has little effect anymore so enjoy it while it lasts doods!

  • Killer Gamer Yoh
    Killer Gamer Yoh

    doing push ups and must be done in the 30 days and find out its day 5 but it feels like 1 month

  • Neel

    The message from this video is that pushups are inferior for muscle building because we always leave reps in tank and never hit failure.