90 Day Body Transformation Full Documentary
My Best Friend's Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation (Documentary) | THE $500 CHALLENGE
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This is Sten, we created this channel together in may 2013, the name was epicstean, we were 13, and we made videos that were, well, interesting...
After some time I took over the channel at a whopping 186 subscribers and changed the name to Browney. I started making videos, with Sten still sometimes in there.
I started working out, transformed myself, uploaded that, and I kept making videos.
Now, almost 8 years later, this is Sten, he is 20 years old, 190cm / 6ft3 and 69kg / 152lbs, never worked out in his life and so I challenged him to transform his life in 90 days!
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  • Browney

    He did this as a complete beginner, with no equipment, at home, during a pandemic. I'm insanely proud and he worked his ass off! He has not skipped a workout or made up excuses. This video took an insane amount of time to shoot and edit, watching the entire documentary, smashing like and maybe making this one of my most viewed videos would mean the world to me 🔥 Check out The Bodyweight Master Course here: browneyworkout.com/ (70% off this week)

    • Collin Spelen
      Collin Spelen


    • LoneFighter FN
      LoneFighter FN

      I would love to attend the challenge at 16 years of age and out of germany is thats possible?

    • the unseen Y.T
      the unseen Y.T

      Thanks browney

    • ollie gamer82
      ollie gamer82

      @drius fit same

    • The beard father
      The beard father

      From March last year at start of lockdown I was 8 stone 3 . Now a little more than a year on I'm 11 stone 4 🙌 3 stone of muscle basically just eating right and working out at home (TUT) training mainly

  • Arnav Sali
    Arnav Sali

    where are u from America ?

  • Static-Impulse07

    This is motivation

  • BlackNight666

    And we have mr beast here giving 100 bucks for one push up

  • dexter boro
    dexter boro

    Action is always better than excuse😯💪

  • Apolloシ

    GG Stan, very good!💪🏼🔥

  • Adib Ahbab
    Adib Ahbab

    Can Someone gimmi the 00:01 sound track?

  • Miss A. De Jonge
    Miss A. De Jonge

    I think you need to understand muscle density and weight. If you're trying to build muscle correctly you're more than likely going to get heavier.

  • Chilled Laminton
    Chilled Laminton

    This is awesome!

  • TolgaAesthetics

    i started training after a long break and gained 5 kg in 3 months

  • key pup
    key pup

    Wish i was his height.. Damn u asian genes🥰

  • Surjit Shoker
    Surjit Shoker

    You still need to gain weight should of sticked go gaining weight not losing it at 78kg .

  • Error Complex
    Error Complex

    who wouldnt love this

  • Francis W Street
    Francis W Street

    Sten’s hair always looks good, what hair product does he use?

  • Bel Amour
    Bel Amour

    He should keep going...honestly if he really decides to get into fitness he could be a fitness model

  • Wezzy Cam
    Wezzy Cam

    What routine did you use

  • Mayur Pandey
    Mayur Pandey

    how do i get the workout routine and diet plan?

  • TP22

    Amazin real workout video keep that way guys you rock!!


    how come he couldnt drink water at @16:30

  • Łukasz Kamiński
    Łukasz Kamiński

    Take pictures before and after under the same lighting conditions

  • Karlita Kacris
    Karlita Kacris

    When he was skinny his face was cute, but as long as he progressed he started to look really hot, i mean his face, not only his body. I noticed this happens to people who start and keep a healthy style of life.

    • dexter boro
      dexter boro

      Yeah it's true but some people become invisible like John cena

  • Rafel Madiedo
    Rafel Madiedo

    great guy

  • leigh


  • Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
    Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

    9:36 where did his chest hair go?



  • Edward Osako
    Edward Osako

    Girls will be here only for the weight gain and loss stuff. Their mind fazes on anything else.

  • Romeo erano Santoalla
    Romeo erano Santoalla

    Good Job man! you'r bro is a beast now!

  • Franciscisco Azocar medina
    Franciscisco Azocar medina

    Tiene que hacer calistenia o pesas o ir a un gimnasio 🇨🇱

  • Ezekiel Frranks
    Ezekiel Frranks

    As an ectomorph it's very difficult to gain weight. Your food discipline is the most difficult. I would like to see a 1yr follow up. Well done!

  • Bram _
    Bram _

    Where is the camera : there .....oh Jesus hahaha

  • Timothy Casallo
    Timothy Casallo

    "Everything grew, except for one. thing." HAHA Great job, Sten! This video edit is on point, too!

  • andrew ehresman
    andrew ehresman

    4:27 me after no but november

  • Akshay Boi
    Akshay Boi

    I just want to gain Weight


    Tumse zyada toh mai 15 din m bna liya tha bhai

  • Ace Hafiz
    Ace Hafiz

    Job well done to both of u

  • SalmaN laQani
    SalmaN laQani

    Imagine if they forget to record it😁

  • Chris Radcliffe
    Chris Radcliffe


  • Lonelyting

    This makes me want to workout

  • Ej Pichay
    Ej Pichay

    Andddd a lil bit of sarms. No?

  • Touche

    "He never worked out in his life" If you went to school and had gym, you did work out.

  • Tareq Salha
    Tareq Salha

    Are u srs? This boy lives in my neighborhood wtf🤯

  • Shaun Wadhwana
    Shaun Wadhwana

    young browney was a mood

  • Sabiq Hasan
    Sabiq Hasan

    im the one who never drinks enough water like barely 2 cups of it

    • Sabiq Hasan
      Sabiq Hasan

      @Aaa Bbb yes

    • Aaa Bbb
      Aaa Bbb

      A day?

  • McCrown

    Are you guys Dutch?

  • IT61_53_VRAJ SONI
    IT61_53_VRAJ SONI

    What is background. Song name From starting

  • Pakistan

    Finally i found damn transformation video😮

  • Viejo Delentes
    Viejo Delentes

    If you can afford a gym, supplements and all the right foods then you probably don't need to get ripped cause you already succeeded at life.

    • Arch 2D2
      Arch 2D2

      I'm a student and can afford all that? Some broke people for sure but wouldn't say that affording a gym and food is the pinnacle of wealth

  • Ans Hakim
    Ans Hakim

    22:14 a whole different person fr

  • Ans Hakim
    Ans Hakim

    How tall is browney btw for reference

  • JOURIS 2lad1de
    JOURIS 2lad1de

    22:12 triso abd

  • Jeff Ian
    Jeff Ian

    Looks like alan walker

  • Bikaash Thakur
    Bikaash Thakur

    love from Nepal 💓💓

  • А4

    Stan crazy!!

  • Gabex Videos
    Gabex Videos

    How do you gain weight? I am like you, very thin. Could you please share your diet with us? It would be very useful and excellent.

  • Jejci Udjfud
    Jejci Udjfud


  • Shelby V
    Shelby V

    Cardio was a waste of resources.

  • david vasquez
    david vasquez

    Broo whats wrong with her abs?

  • Gold Saber
    Gold Saber

    When it comes to training our friend all of us fear that our friend will one day be bigger than them

  • Edin Bommetje
    Edin Bommetje

    are you dutch? beacuse i hear dutch words

    • Aaa Bbb
      Aaa Bbb

      He's wearing a feyenoord jersey so probably dutch yeah

  • Aditya CEO
    Aditya CEO

    👍 Awesome

  • Teach machine
    Teach machine

    Is anyone watching from bed?

  • lukmanul hakim mahmud
    lukmanul hakim mahmud

    I can change my body in just few hours..like steve rodgers in capt america..and im going to the war with my new body

  • Matthew Atkins
    Matthew Atkins

    Just at the beginning of this video, but those goals are something he should accomplish in 2-4 weeks. I have no idea where he ends up, but I hope he at minimum doubles the goals that you set for him.

  • Doc eb
    Doc eb

    U forgot to say anything abt waxing on the 90th day..😂

  • S Panda
    S Panda

    Fantastic video.. appreciate the effort 🙌

  • Michael Gaona
    Michael Gaona

    how is 35 pushups hard to do if you already can do 23? i could only do 30 in a row but i do over 70 its not as hard as they want it to sound because most people who will watch this probobly dont exersize no offence





  • Márton Tichi
    Márton Tichi

    you shouldn't use metal utensils on non-stick pans

  • xRathore

    Guyz...watch this video instead of watching "i spent 100 days in minecraft hardcore" 😂

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    Wish you included Weight training

  • loco playz
    loco playz

    And after the 90 days he never worked out again. The end

  • Mist Rants
    Mist Rants

    While this guy did a GREAT job and i dont mean to diminish that in the slightest: the final comparison pics are heavily playing with lighting. The before pic is in a super bright lighted area with seemingly light coming at least somewhat from the front while the second one is darker with light more coming from straight above, and we all know how MASSIVE of a difference that can make.


    Malayalae povershh❤️

  • VLPAØ.

    That's amazing for a gut that is 190cm..

  • Swagata Bhowmick
    Swagata Bhowmick

    He only able to did that because of *THAT MORAL SUPPORT*

  • Hoku Yap
    Hoku Yap

    From 100% to 10000000% nice browny

  • Luziaf Lone
    Luziaf Lone

    As a skinny guy myself I understand the challenges just to put some weight. And then losing it just because you skip a meal. Seriously eating until I feel sick of eating. Gain few kilogrammes. Skip a lunch, loss 2kg pfff

  • I come In peace
    I come In peace

    This sorta "body transformation" is betta na mean 😂

  • Gamer Pro
    Gamer Pro

    Why does he has to avoid drinking water? Is it part of the diet?


    Bro... Is this wrong ? I thought of starting building when I hit 7 feet tall... 🙄

  • Rk Gamer
    Rk Gamer

    And browney earn his profit from yt views😅😂 Nice job by you and sten!

  • andrian laksana
    andrian laksana

    Wow...nice browney👍

  • TheOpoas

    I used to be 180cm 45kg guy in high school, after 5 something years I grew a bit to 187cm and gained about 40kg of muscle mass (and a portion of that now turned to fat because our country has had almost a year long lockdown).

    • Chris Radcliffe
      Chris Radcliffe


  • c antokz
    c antokz

    Inspiring bro..

  • Abdellah Azguet
    Abdellah Azguet

    You deserve the award of the best bestfriend. The way you hype him up is just wholesome

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    That's dope , real homie

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai

    Gaining weight hard? ,From last 1-2 years I am constant 74kg and I am 5'6. I choose to loose weight and I exercised for a day and 2 and I only ate what I was eating form my whole life and only 2 meals and I gained 2kg😐

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai

    6'3 69kg, me 5'6 74kg

  • A.M. Studios
    A.M. Studios

    1m90, he could be a true monster. The first transformation is in the mind.

  • nooo mi
    nooo mi

    Omg he worked so hard I'm feeling it 🙂💔

  • Shubham Raj Dwivedi
    Shubham Raj Dwivedi

    I wish I had a friend like you.

  • Bleach 18
    Bleach 18

    No homo but he even got cuter

  • semut merah
    semut merah

    What about the nutrition? What need to eat?

  • AKA Flix
    AKA Flix

    17:43 did you shout out Greg Doucette

  • ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂
    ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂

    I'm just noticing how his personality changed completely..

  • Hayden Bowman
    Hayden Bowman

    4:33 had me tripping for a second

  • Fruuy

    Uhh so I'm 14 and I'm around 160 pounds and I need to know what I could do to lose weight fast and not starve

  • {•V•E•N•O•M•} {P•O•I•S•O•N}
    {•V•E•N•O•M•} {P•O•I•S•O•N}

    Pelo visto ele não é um ectomorfo kkkk

    • BryanGamer1213

      É sim, mas ele fez mt exercício...

  • Solitare123

    16:31 DAY 90 FINAL RESULTS!!! :)

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