Building My $250,000 DREAM Youtube Studio & Gym (Day 0 to 60)
Building My $250,000 DREAM ITmores Studio & Gym (Day 0 to 60)
Workout Programs (HUGE DISCOUNTS)
So I bought this empty building for $200,000, no I’m not that rich but with lots of help, problems, time and more help from a bank we managed to get it, details for this are in the previous episodes.
But why? Well, we’re transforming this empty space into my dream, a gym and workspace, that is one big youtube studio where I can make the best content I can and live my dream.
So this time I'm not just transforming my friends and family, im going for an entire building.
My 3D Architect Guy: (Code 'Browney' for 10% off)
Instagram: @StanBrowney
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30 Day Empty Building Transformation ($250,000 Gym & Studio)
Sten's 60 Day Body Transformation Will Blow You Away
Working out in 3rd Person
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My New $10,000 Calisthenics Gym (FULL BUILD)
Building My $250,000 DREAM ITmores Studio & Gym (Day 0 to 60)
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  • Browney

    So this time I'm not just transforming my friends and family, im going for an entire building... Next video will be Sten's 90 day transformation 🔥👀

    • JKO Nossnoj
      JKO Nossnoj

      IS this your house now?


      Hey how old are u?

    • Anthony Messer
      Anthony Messer

      I have watched you transform sten which was really cool! ❤

    • Charlie Harris
      Charlie Harris

      @Browney in the coner where there was nothing you should put a rock wall


      Paint the inner walls with red paint it gives you some motivation to workout

  • MrSon

    how come in the videos, you always were socks and not shoes

  • vijay jadhav
    vijay jadhav


  • apfelanton

    reddit mfs rn: Is it really red? no, ORANGE

  • Ricklester Lampios
    Ricklester Lampios

    Ahh i wish i have my own gym

  • Mini Neymar
    Mini Neymar


  • Hz_Cyber

    10:08 that muscle up was clean

  • Suman Jha
    Suman Jha

    Epic setup man

  • LapBlox

    8:45 smash liek

  • PhysiczxD

    I'm happy he doesn't have Led lights everywhere hhahaha

  • Aro

    Smach lick

  • brigツ

    Who agrees Stan (browney) is like the chilliest most uplifting bodybuilder

  • Stephen Veltkamp
    Stephen Veltkamp

    I think it could use some greenery.

  • Kawaiibreadsticks Apple
    Kawaiibreadsticks Apple

    the couch is so luxoreus like something youd find in romance novil im jelly

  • JoshJMP

    blue t-shirt in a frame 👕

  • TacoNinjaTv

    weight hanger at the empty space

  • Fixfy


  • German Gasiba
    German Gasiba

    This is a very exciting video. I got excited as I was watching it. It’s like a moving to a new apartment with everything new. I know how you felt when you first got everything together Browny. Congrats.

  • sajjjan vyakti
    sajjjan vyakti

    Don't tell me... you have managed almost everything by ITmores money

  • Vince van Cauteren
    Vince van Cauteren

    Browney, wat ook heel cool zou zijn is uw logo voorzien op uw garage in stickervorm of boven uw garage als een echte gevelnaam. Laat me gerust weten wat je ervan vindt ;)

  • Rebira Jemama
    Rebira Jemama

    the floor arrived😂

  • Anuj Sindhwani
    Anuj Sindhwani

    Red ⏰ clock

  • Данил Бугаевский
    Данил Бугаевский

    bro, you're badass, real badass!! This all is a REAL MAN'S STUFF

  • Alen Jagusic
    Alen Jagusic

    Like your Gym, I would put blue light inside my logo if I coul build my own gym like you

  • Alen Jagusic
    Alen Jagusic

    You got everythin anyone would want to have

  • The Real HaCk3r
    The Real HaCk3r

    I’m in the bawthrom

  • Sidhant Gurung
    Sidhant Gurung

    I hv unsubscribed bcz u ddnt donate me water

  • Gamosaur

    Proud of u

  • Ninja Hattori
    Ninja Hattori

    Browney sir I’m Jay and I’ll be starting my on fitness channel and wanted to ask you a few things on he intital state of th channel can I dm you on insta?

  • Teodor Petrov
    Teodor Petrov

    You did pretty amazing job out there !!! The red setting of stuff is really 🔥

  • Formidable Plays
    Formidable Plays

    You could live there! 😂

  • Manthan Mehta
    Manthan Mehta


  • Amr Mousattat
    Amr Mousattat

    Dude it's CHEAP

  • Proud

    your channel is so underrated you deserve millions and billions of views, I will definitely smash leik :)

  • Dan Lyon
    Dan Lyon

    punch bag in the corner

  • Dan Lyon
    Dan Lyon

    need to invest in a new mic not a gym

  • Tristan Ly
    Tristan Ly

    What about day 90

  • Harshit Saxena
    Harshit Saxena

    Need updated video for studio tour

  • Larry Long wiener
    Larry Long wiener

    I hate how you tubers always say that it’s all because of people subscribing to them that they are in the position they are in but all we do is press a button the ITmoresr is the one making the videos, thinking of new ideas and just generally putting in way more effort than the subscribers actually are.

  • Charm Debernard
    Charm Debernard

    Beautiful new place. Great forethought into future possibilities. I'm wondering if you'd consider doing some jumprope challenges. Maybe all: endurance, strength, and transformation...

  • Mr GotEn
    Mr GotEn

    its almost one milion shekels!

  • Dallan Tobler
    Dallan Tobler

    The fridge and chairs looked orange 😂😂

  • Matz-luka Verhaeghe
    Matz-luka Verhaeghe

    dit is wel al effen geleden maar hoe kan je dit ooit voor elkaar krijgen

  • NG Tutorials
    NG Tutorials

    Insane vid bro keep it up

  • Tilden Monick
    Tilden Monick

    i built the same house as this in minecraft with a epic gym. IT WAS LITTT!

  • tsm_Antti

    0:03 what is the song name

  • best gameplay
    best gameplay

    Where is it located since it's so expensive even for the Netherlands

  • best gameplay
    best gameplay

    Broeder hoezo zoveel geld voor een garage ? Daar kan je best een klein huis voor krijgen.

  • Punket

    smash the leak

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    seldom speech

    very clean

  • Sleep Nation
    Sleep Nation

    Technically, I helped pay for this 😂😂 looks epic though!

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    KIRUTHIK PRANAV A S 1905150683

    this is epic epic bro bro i want a youtube studio like this bro this epic epic

  • Juul Delbaere
    Juul Delbaere

    This is so good

  • 10k with no Vids
    10k with no Vids

    He’s so broke now


    What’s your actual name

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    Tqwmati Vlogs

    Superb bhaijann ❤️❤️✨

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    Zafir Uzoma

    4:55 bro why is your pants so tight lmaoooo

  • Aristotelis Matthaios
    Aristotelis Matthaios

    A bed to sleep

  • Theo

  • Muhammad Sadeem
    Muhammad Sadeem


  • nemanja

    The missing is channel of guy in blue shirt.

  • 163cens

    that fridge is 🔥

  • Amy Shakeeb
    Amy Shakeeb

    Stan: im gonna get a new kitchen Me: cant even afford a pan

  • suh

    I'd live there

  • Azucena Francisco
    Azucena Francisco

    Do Jesse James work out he's on ITmores

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    Tell Blue tshirt man to make youtube

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    Olly Iverson

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    Edi Makolli

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    Nick Assenbroek

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  • QuickItSillious

    You Can live Here

  • MC Studios
    MC Studios

    A custom aquarium in this place would look epic

  • Kamarean Stratman
    Kamarean Stratman

    Seeing how Browney has evolved on ITmores from when I was like 12-13 years old to now(nearly 19 years old) IS AWESOME

  • Carscrab Vvv
    Carscrab Vvv

    6:29 4 cars???? Wtf they are vans and working in the building ???? What?

  • Mohit Adwani
    Mohit Adwani

    I enjoyed this video... Great stuff man

  • Azucena Francisco
    Azucena Francisco

    You motivated me to work out

  • Davinzin

    That it's actually a dream man, congratulations, it was very good

  • Klabauter Mann
    Klabauter Mann

    I would not recommend a ' blue screen`, otherwise Arjen might become half invisible...

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    Mohammed Moutahid

    Awesome, good luck with your dream bro !

  • Jason Parreno
    Jason Parreno

    I want to do this same thing... if I could do a second garage bay next to it would be my car stuff.

  • Isaac Son
    Isaac Son

    Day 30- ME: I think it's finished Browney: Now there are 30 more days ME:🤨🧐😂😅

  • Kureigu Daruton
    Kureigu Daruton

    Yo idk why but it looks orange to me, still very sick tho bro

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    Sameul Joseph

    Thats your dream gym too small

  • Runner

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  • Giancarlo Cossentino
    Giancarlo Cossentino


  • Rik Pasman
    Rik Pasman

    You came from nothing worked hard and now you got your dream i love it.

  • KKmike

    I would really like if you would say what is your most favorite thing in the werehouse(smash lik)

  • Mcpro gaming999
    Mcpro gaming999

    Your missing bathroom upstairs bedroom upstairs

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    Ved Ghosalkar

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    Justin Mercer

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    Mehul Chhibber

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  • Rico Prodi
    Rico Prodi

    Help one of your Bras out, whats ur gym playlist like when u go to the GOLD'S??? Mine always be classic rock like Metallica, Slipknot or the new band like the Delta Parole. What urs bra?

  • ɴɪᴋᴏʟᴀɪ ᴡɪᴇʜʟ. ᴍ
    ɴɪᴋᴏʟᴀɪ ᴡɪᴇʜʟ. ᴍ

    Bro this is awesome!👏🏻



  • Mark

    You should get some plants in there

  • Luqmaanulhakim

    Well you can make business by building this

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    Nasty_Framp TrickShot

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  • Jason S
    Jason S


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