Can You Break These 4 Boards?
Can You Break These 4 Boards?
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We got recommended to try out the Kung Fu Breaking Boards. So we bought 4 levels
Level 1: Beginner
Level 2: Intermediate
Level 3: Hard
Level 4: Expert
Let's see if we can break all 4 levels. First try?
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Video in this video:
Can You Break These 6 Boards? - Kung Fu Board Breaking Challenge (this is a different video, the other one was removed from youtube)
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Can You Break These 4 Boards?
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  • Browney

    This was quite hard to film with the sun all over the place, hope you liked the video! (not sponsored lol) Smash like + let me know a product you would like to see! 👀

    • Vikash Gurung
      Vikash Gurung

      Can you guys try to break two together and 3 and 4 together 👍😀

    • Yujrio Shadow
      Yujrio Shadow

      Bro try with more solid board those r ez board

    • Kenneth Koivu
      Kenneth Koivu

      The last board- Browney. Looking at your leg position in comparison to breaking vs nonbreaking: you lacked a pivot on your first go but had one on the second. The pivot allows you to drive more power from rotating your body into the strike. (Martial artist here- 13yrs)

    • Jacky Mokobane
      Jacky Mokobane

      Can you please shout out my name redx I subscribe a countdown balo and I like the channel

    • Cagier

      I did it actually it’s not that hard

  • Midnight Beats
    Midnight Beats

    I do karate and I should say that those aren't professional boards, try to buy century karate boards. BTW I can break the second to last board

  • Copyanto_#

    Dud..the sun pro im playnd

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy


  • blackhood Studios
    blackhood Studios

    Do a video about one inch brick break

  • Call of duty Walktrough
    Call of duty Walktrough

    Are you guys dutch because of the accent

  • Gamer King21
    Gamer King21

    Where are you from?🧐🤔

  • Arne Van Nieuwenhuizen
    Arne Van Nieuwenhuizen

    I did the math and it is 30 bucks

  • Bornelius Causevicius
    Bornelius Causevicius

    bruh all of ehm were easy a f**k

  • 2EZ4 Gaming
    2EZ4 Gaming

    You have to hit the middle

  • Abdulla Aljabri
    Abdulla Aljabri

    The dog at 5:25

  • Demon FF
    Demon FF

    Who noticed the clickbate seen girls belly nevel 😂😂

  • Christien Bogers
    Christien Bogers

    Zijn jullie Nederlands

  • D7oom Sh
    D7oom Sh

    You should buy som stronger ones

  • Huddz YouTube
    Huddz YouTube

    5:29 am I the only one who saw the animal in the bottom left corner?

  • Xavi Poonian
    Xavi Poonian

    I see a cat in the background

  • Gaming NTY
    Gaming NTY

    Fun video

  • Vlogs Dunia
    Vlogs Dunia

    do one hand pull up or else I will never watch your videos again

    • Vlogs Dunia
      Vlogs Dunia

      @Browney ok I have seen ,thanks for replying ,i am new on this channel

    • Browney

      Lol I have shown that in lots of videos

  • kevinboy562

    What you can do to make it harder, stack them together, black and blue. Then black and yellow, then black and red. Then black and black.

  • 4Strings Animation
    4Strings Animation

    i am a black belt in karate so pro tip: pivot your foot more and 2 practice before you break to get better aim and strength. Also picture some-one you hate's face on the board. it helps. i can break a board with this kick:

  • rafal wierzchowski
    rafal wierzchowski

    Do a veido named can you break 8 board s

  • Jeremiah Burleigh
    Jeremiah Burleigh

    i loved browney's 2 screames at the end also you should put some together and try

  • Sanaa Nasr
    Sanaa Nasr

    Ur strongest people on earth

  • Yuvraj Ganjawala
    Yuvraj Ganjawala

    If you gift me

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    Vijay Solanki

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    Agastya Yadav

    5:29 anyone notice that cat in the background

  • Shuichiro Nishioka
    Shuichiro Nishioka


  • Tish Wilson
    Tish Wilson

    I saw a fox in the video

  • Tish Wilson
    Tish Wilson

    I saw a fox bro

  • nyanchiGM

    I own a martial arts school and use these alot. There are alot of factors with board breaking. How you hit, share you hit, how the person holds the boards. With these aswell, you can simply buy the hardest and not put it all the way together to simulate a lesser board. Great product, especially for the schools

  • Mfurqanal Faiz
    Mfurqanal Faiz

    To me those boards are paper i can break a brick with my hand

  • a loving turtle
    a loving turtle

    what's the song called he keeps playing? 5:28

  • Levi Stettler
    Levi Stettler

    what song is that?

  • Pheonix Games
    Pheonix Games

    I’ll break them!

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    blocky kid

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    Angel Devung

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  • Mateusz Pacek
    Mateusz Pacek

    Hi :)

  • Thomas Reynolds
    Thomas Reynolds

    I use those for karate I'm an orange belt

  • Aarav Acharya
    Aarav Acharya

    Browney told smash leke

  • Gagandeep Goyal
    Gagandeep Goyal

    I’m 13 I think I can break all

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    Way back in the 80s/ early 90s we used real wood. This is cheating.

  • Tiger Tran
    Tiger Tran

    Hit it in the senter

  • Vasta Klaus
    Vasta Klaus

    You can try the "One Inch Punch" 😄💪🏻


    I had to destroy these in karate when I was 7

  • Austin Xavier
    Austin Xavier

    I have my black belt and this hurts to watch

  • Coffee The Weeb
    Coffee The Weeb


  • belaid Abd Allah
    belaid Abd Allah

    name of music

  • typica hacker Max
    typica hacker Max

    Yo brownie can you test those vests which make you burn fat

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    Lucas Noah Alaba


  • Iliyana

    At 5:28 there was a cat at the back

  • Kim Crauwels
    Kim Crauwels

    Omg are you Nederlands?

  • The Tiger
    The Tiger

    Im 13 years, going to “Teakwondo” and i Can break 2 of the thickest onece with my fist😂

    • Tyler Berry
      Tyler Berry

      It's rlly not that hard XD

  • Arthur Lowery
    Arthur Lowery

    you didnt do it right im in taekwondo and strike the top

  • Judah Dinsmore
    Judah Dinsmore

    The sun hurts me :(

  • Cerdafied

    3:47 me trying to have a Chinese accent

  • Grenierj11

    you can put more than one board if you want to make it harder

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    hi mi

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    Jennifer Rigney

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  • Wigadama

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • A_Quiet_Kid _
    A_Quiet_Kid _

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    Darian Nisch


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    ALI -A

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    Shashank Verma

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    coronavirus gaming

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    amri3490 amri3490

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  • shafty shades
    shafty shades

    i tryed doing this one the school lockers and broke a bunch of my bones them lockers are like board lvl 100

  • Zakami FunDubbing
    Zakami FunDubbing

    This is not how they are supposed to be used

  • Robin Gerrit
    Robin Gerrit

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    Antariksh Gadia

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  • Teaser Gaming
    Teaser Gaming

    Use 2 boards at a time

  • Shadow Legend
    Shadow Legend

    I already did im a black belt in taekwando and I had to break a BRICK in my blackbelt test

    • BMGaming

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    Whit Haynes

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    JUKKA_ kuka

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    Haha that thumbnail is so fake 🤩

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    gym shark

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    Kristrun Petursdottir

    I love your muscles Browney Sory im from iceland

  • Josiah Vinson
    Josiah Vinson

    I am 13 and I can break all the boards in the 8 board video with ease

  • Chess with Tkids
    Chess with Tkids


  • John Ricardon
    John Ricardon

    Britney: we’re not just messing around... Also him: *starts smacking it against his head

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    M Fish boy Brummer

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    Josianne Bonneville

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  • Credit to Steveee
    Credit to Steveee

    5:29....a cat is worried

  • Alen Jagusic
    Alen Jagusic

    You guys are not wrong. I trained martial arts in high school and my club and I went at competition where other clubs were breaking this boards. We didn't compete in that discipline but they were pretty hard to break. I tried to break few as well

  • ItsThatGuy

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    Zissi Lysa

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    The board where pathetically weak

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