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Surprising Subscriber With 1,000,0000...
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  • Browney

    Smash liek for more stuff like this

    • Wolf 8
      Wolf 8

      5:35 ik woon daar heel vlak bij jammer dat ik je niet heb gezien daar.

    • Albert Mahe
      Albert Mahe


    • :D

      Learn to fix your mistakes. 😂

    • Albert Mahe
      Albert Mahe

      Bro you wrote like wrong no hate

    • Albert Mahe
      Albert Mahe


  • Slayer Gamer
    Slayer Gamer

    im pretty sure thats either arjens brother or browneys cousin

  • Slayer Gamer
    Slayer Gamer

    my other account i subbed on was when you had 990k subscribers

  • Md. Mujtoba Siraj
    Md. Mujtoba Siraj

    This is the first time I heard the name of "the guy in the blue shirt" 😂

  • Zarrow

    This is actually quite wholesome!

  • calisthenics boy
    calisthenics boy

    Look at Mr beast don't look at browney

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

    My birthday is September 7th

  • OG Gamer on yt
    OG Gamer on yt

    Why is ITmores in French wen he is talking English

  • :D

    The thing that they're censoring out is "rice". One million rice grains.

  • FighterNight34

    I wonder who’s his first subscriber?

  • FighterNight34

    1 million grains of sand?

  • Shubham Joshi
    Shubham Joshi

    I can easily left on bar for 3 min😂.lol

  • Tajali Shirzad
    Tajali Shirzad

    It's was me the 1mil sub

    • Tajali Shirzad
      Tajali Shirzad

      1 mil and13 sub


    Let him join your crew

  • YamiDucky

    I appreciate that you gave up on getting a fresh sub and stuck to an old and loyal one. I'm subbed now :D

  • Esteban Cm
    Esteban Cm

    I smashed liek

  • Zoe Weaver
    Zoe Weaver

    I’m 7 I can’t go on intsgram

  • Kishan Arya
    Kishan Arya

    Who love the guy in blue shirt more ❤️

  • Clerence Chung
    Clerence Chung

    I like rice

  • mafia gamers
    mafia gamers

    That's means I order 5 million rice every 6 weaks Lol I never knew

  • Soup KingYT
    Soup KingYT

    The guy in the sky shirt

  • moonnight 966
    moonnight 966

    Is browney a flat earther 2:47

  • Albert Mahe
    Albert Mahe

    It might be me

  • It’s Kchanny
    It’s Kchanny

    Who here before 100k?

  • blocky kid
    blocky kid

    Thats so lame We Asians have like 5 big bags of rice

  • Marsh's Gaming
    Marsh's Gaming

    Hi there bro sup Yours videos are much owesome Keep up the good work bro 😊 Love from pakistan


    ... He clearly thought getting the car.

  • Lorenzo Romero
    Lorenzo Romero

    Browneys body is all muscle but not his arms

  • Kevin Wei
    Kevin Wei

    gotta be honet i thought he was giving artie condoms

  • Basti Beast
    Basti Beast

    When I first saw you do all that workout I was really inspired and now I stick to working out thanks for inspiring me browny

  • Caleb Simpson
    Caleb Simpson

    My man browney built like goku

  • Arnav Vishnoi
    Arnav Vishnoi

    Hey can someone tell what is this music 0:01??? Plzzzzz 😅😅

  • King kayne
    King kayne

    then who was it

  • King kayne
    King kayne

    1:40 i imagined it would be smaller

  • davide song
    davide song

    me,an asian,seeing how small that 'big sack of rice' is: *pathetic* nonethless epic

  • peeklux on 60 fps
    peeklux on 60 fps

    Can you speak ducht ?

  • S h
    S h

    1 minute is 60 sec not 100:^ lol

  • Erica Parker
    Erica Parker

    The capable rat proportionally stitch because linen philosophically license save a phobic cherries. past, scarce hood

  • jedzox360

    this is cool

  • Elishfzk

    Me is a Asian guy: ah this is heaven

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    2:21 - your shirt is missing the 'R'. It says 'Gains'.

  • Jonas Jonas
    Jonas Jonas

    Bro why u clickbait, everyone knew the push ups were fake, it was a loop

  • SCAR- H YT
    SCAR- H YT


  • Sushi Boi 523
    Sushi Boi 523

    1 million grains

  • Teoman Girard
    Teoman Girard

    what about your first subscriber?

  • Tyrone Tyty
    Tyrone Tyty

    Ik ben toch je grootste Nederlandse fan😇


    Could some one please explain why they get so much rice?

  • Kristian Selanger
    Kristian Selanger

    5:20 that muscle up was clean!

  • Felix Kjellberg
    Felix Kjellberg

    Are you a brownie

  • Charles Respect
    Charles Respect

    That bar looks dangerous

  • Sadhana Das
    Sadhana Das

    I am your 8th subsriber.

  • Rudra prasad Chandra
    Rudra prasad Chandra


  • VB & Python ZimCoders
    VB & Python ZimCoders

    Smash leik

  • It's Cube Time
    It's Cube Time

    1 milion brownies

  • KaijuFoxx

    I won’t get pinned also -->#Subscriber

  • W A L K E R
    W A L K E R

    the man in the blue shirt casualy where's the same shirt every day me how many years has he worn the same 👕

  • stephan goodwin
    stephan goodwin

    So we're do you get the stuff to put a pull up bar together?

  • skidy buddes
    skidy buddes

    1 million water

  • chillisman

    Imagine after the rice push-ups he said grains

  • clenn

    is this why i came here?????

  • Andre Sousa Gavin
    Andre Sousa Gavin

    "Almost 10 kilos or something" *Package says 18 kg*

  • FighterNight34

    Imagine if the 1 million th sub was a old person that can’t to push-ups lol

  • Anwin

    5:55 he really thought

  • Cheez Kid
    Cheez Kid

    dus jij bent Nederlands?

  • Babalixar

    dude i was here when you only had 400k wow

  • Saqlain Khan Trex
    Saqlain Khan Trex

    What's the name of the music?

  • Idk pancakes
    Idk pancakes

    Who else is lefty

  • Tushar Saini
    Tushar Saini

    I am unsubscribing you to be your 2000000th subscriber😂.

  • Maria Fehr
    Maria Fehr

    Do you speak two languages

  • du mb
    du mb

    like how the guy just smakced the rice grains in browneys back

  • theultimatemadman

    We need more videos with this guy

  • xdscrimsdx 22
    xdscrimsdx 22

    You inspire me so much I liked,subbed and turned post notifications on for every time you post a new video

  • L L
    L L

    Only need 19 kg of rice for a million extra kg is unnecessary

  • Marisa Moura
    Marisa Moura


  • Morpheus

    He thought he was gonna get the car but he ended up getting 20kg of rice🤣🤣

  • Darren Arellano
    Darren Arellano

    Yo that discount link is still active man might wanna end it so people pay the normal price

  • Logical Tv
    Logical Tv

    You should probably give money to your 1st subscriber not 1millionth subscriber:(

  • koolbrayden 21gaming
    koolbrayden 21gaming

    Quick question where are they mother russia

  • John Cline
    John Cline


  • Sharnjit Bhachu
    Sharnjit Bhachu

    Why does he always wear a blue shirt



  • Iris Van Dijk
    Iris Van Dijk

    Are you from netherlands?

  • Mc Noob
    Mc Noob

    When he bleeped it out I was like how do u use that many of those things a day? You don’t want to know what it is

  • Ferre Mets
    Ferre Mets

    Kan ik een like krijgen aub voor de NL

  • NixonBlaze

    0:32 "How much does it cost to give away 1 million dollars" The fk?

  • Berkay Silay
    Berkay Silay

    You’re Netherlands right because it isn’t English when you looked who was your last subscriber at 2:36

  • Audicious Treant
    Audicious Treant

    1:40 Me a Filipino watching this: *pathetic*

  • TheGreatPenguin

    Funny how I'm 11 years old and subscribed to a fitness channel

  • AnthonyNL

    Arjen and browney are most def Dutch aka from Netherlands bcs when he went on yt it said 'abonneren' go on translate from Netherlands to english and check, and Stefan is a Dutch name too, and his accent is Dutch doesn't make sense does it

  • Adam Zeller
    Adam Zeller

    9:20 "almost sweaty kilograms of rice"? Is that right ? Lol

  • Laith Sweidan
    Laith Sweidan

    U copied mr beast

  • I dont give a fuck
    I dont give a fuck

    You are great but dont copy mr.beast pls

  • Christian Burgos
    Christian Burgos

    Well that was uncomfortable the look he gave when he saw the rice !!

  • Ivan Simakov
    Ivan Simakov

    lets go 1 200

  • Ben Isnoice
    Ben Isnoice

    Its a million condoms

  • E. the Adventure
    E. the Adventure

    That good video mate and I have premiere pro that I edit video but not posted yet.

  • Code Jarz in itsh
    Code Jarz in itsh

    I dont get ads anymore i dont know why

  • Tdbagijn


  • Kwon Douhyun
    Kwon Douhyun

    Bro every Asian people has that much rice

  • Umar Redza
    Umar Redza

    ============ = = ============ = = ============

Il prossimo