How I did 1,000,000 Push ups in a Row (and why)
How I did 1,000,000 Push ups in a Row (And why)
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#1million #Pushup #Challenge
1,000,000 pushups in a row, that’s what you could have seen happening in this live stream:
How and why did I do it?
Why? We just reached 1 million subscribers, which is crazy, and lots of specials and epic stuff is coming out for that. But I wanted to take the 1 million subscriber moment to the next level.
Last year you had the biggest and longest Livestream ever on youtube, which was the subscriber battle between pewdiepie and t series.
3 months ago when I was on holiday I asked you guys, what do want to see for 1,000,000 subscribers, if we ever hit it?
The most answered answer? Do 1,000,000 pushups
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How I did 1,000,000 Push ups in a Row (and why)
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  • Browney

    Thank you for 1,000,000 subscribers! 🤯 Make sure to watch the entire thing, I loved this project!

    • Denizisbest99


    • labrador281


    • kimpie vader
      kimpie vader

      nederlands boi lets go ik ben ook nederlands


      'Finally i hit 500 subs' is my dream

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      No Equipment Workout

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  • Declan Coles
    Declan Coles

    Haha new it was fake I spammed the stream comments “fake it looped” YOU TAUGHT ME WELL :)

  • Kukumbar Glicko
    Kukumbar Glicko

    It look like u are trying to bang a turtle

  • Kukumbar Glicko
    Kukumbar Glicko

    I dont think thats what they call a pushup

  • Boaz den Hertog
    Boaz den Hertog

    He hij is nederlands

  • EpiQz- FuZiOn
    EpiQz- FuZiOn

    Outro's music name ??

  • Vincent

    wacht nl ik dacht rusain

  • Lincoln Baker
    Lincoln Baker

    Can someone please tell me what this song is called 6:48

  • The Fudge Factory
    The Fudge Factory


  • yolo dhdj
    yolo dhdj

    It's fake

    • lucky univers
      lucky univers

      i think you have not lissened what he sayed

  • Luke Dacey
    Luke Dacey

    I don’t think there would be captions on a livestream

  • Arthur Jansen van Vuuren
    Arthur Jansen van Vuuren

    Is it okay to burn out on every set in your workouts ?

  • Cheater Alex
    Cheater Alex

    kunt ge nederlands

  • Jake Horvath
    Jake Horvath


  • cooldark PW
    cooldark PW




  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire

    The blue shirt guy in that vedio revealed it because in middle he did a handstand and I noticed he disappeared from no where 😂

  • Vincent Den exter
    Vincent Den exter

    Ik wist niet dat jij nederlands was?

  • Arsen Here
    Arsen Here

    Who thought you would try to fake a million pooshups in a row


    I saw a lot off people saying that's it's fake and I love it because I knew it was a troll and I was just saying that where sitting behind your computer and seeing all of those stupid people :)

  • Mo Raiss
    Mo Raiss

    Wtf are push oops? The letter U in English sounds quite different from a U in Dutch. Yes, its's the same letter, no they don't sound the same.

  • H2o

    For it to be even possible to do that man push ups it would take about 361 hours

  • Sooriya Magesh
    Sooriya Magesh

    hi bro what is your insta id

  • Sagnik Ghosh
    Sagnik Ghosh

    Haters will say this is fake

  • Rylan Junker
    Rylan Junker

    I looked at the blue shirt guy and he kept doing the same thing

  • Rudra prasad Chandra
    Rudra prasad Chandra

    one million push ups wtf i am not able to do 1 pushup

  • Hadley Beeby
    Hadley Beeby

    can you come to my home

  • Joseph Hsu
    Joseph Hsu

    Nice ad revenue trick lol

  • Mr Eiden
    Mr Eiden

    You are motivating a lot of people. Congratulation for all u r doing. I love to see someone like u.

  • Iffy Edem
    Iffy Edem

    So much lactic acid build up lol

  • _0ctavian Donn
    _0ctavian Donn


  • _0ctavian Donn
    _0ctavian Donn

    Door a Music video

  • banjo andkazooie
    banjo andkazooie

    i just knew that you were dutch, you just look like one and of course the accent

  • Ollybearz


  • Magdi sadig
    Magdi sadig


  • Gilberto Nunez
    Gilberto Nunez

    There are exactly 1,000,000 seconds in 11.57407409 days

  • LUMiiNA

    I remember watching the stream and seeing all the cringe sherlock holmes comments saying "FAKE FAKE FAKE AaaaAAAaAAaAaAAaaAAAAaaAAA" like bruh stfu obviously it's fake, it was a damn jokes, I mean, holy fucking shit you're making me visibly flinch from your sad life. anyway, on a more positive note, congratulations to our boy browny, honestly really well done this past year especially, saw what it took to get the grind done, I can safely say we're all really proud of you. smash liek

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown

    You need to do 5 push ups a second

  • zainex

    I like how @Browney always says "smash leek" His accent gets me all the time.

  • MR losh_yt
    MR losh_yt


  • Low Spec Gamer
    Low Spec Gamer

    *I know only you will fake it😂 bcoz I am your old subscriber😂*

  • RadBumblebeeJ 4014
    RadBumblebeeJ 4014

    Congrats on your 1 million subs and nice push up hacks :)

  • Jayziah Pineda-Leos
    Jayziah Pineda-Leos

    love it

  • Jānis Dūrītis
    Jānis Dūrītis


  • Lil Lemon
    Lil Lemon

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Drei

    I mean like the stream showed what 1mil pushups would look like in a row so it was exactly what it said on the title its just that it was edits

  • mussa lkjhg
    mussa lkjhg

    Ya all I got a say is they all mad cuz they can’t edit like that ..

  • Luqmaanulhakim

    Smart ass move

  • RoyaleShields

    Are you dutch?

  • JUDOKA Karan
    JUDOKA Karan

    Fake stream but I liked it and it is obvious that no one can do 1 million pushups in a row. kind a hilarious

  • FP wium
    FP wium


  • Its Losuro
    Its Losuro

    “RIP” in the chat for those who think this is real

  • Remus Pierre
    Remus Pierre


  • Baguette

    Plot Twist: Everyone unsubscribes

  • Ivanes55bg


  • Keifer Manuel
    Keifer Manuel

    my mom is bad and mad pls arest him

  • Fruut Jooz
    Fruut Jooz

    🎉 congratulations!

  • Craig Woodward
    Craig Woodward

    Challenge = How many pushups in one set with good form CAN you really do?? If you haven't got it already, do a challenge for 100 pushups in 1 set video. I'm working on this, so far my max set is 53

  • Yohan Shah
    Yohan Shah

    Congrats!!Waiting for the 10million live stream🤣

  • Luis Lebrón Aponte
    Luis Lebrón Aponte


  • AN

    Your dutch?

  • Alkeryn

    kind of too bad you didn't have a perfect form tho pretty cool otherwise lol.

  • Campos⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    Campos⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    imagine him reaching 100M subscribers

  • Kevin Purnomo
    Kevin Purnomo

    Is it weird for me to want to ask why more than how?

  • Daan Thijssen
    Daan Thijssen

    ben je nederlands

  • Daan Thijssen
    Daan Thijssen

    dude i saw herhalen. ya dutch

  • vijaya kumari
    vijaya kumari

    What is the name of guy in blue shirt

  • James kid
    James kid

    make 50 pushup in one minute in under water

    • James kid
      James kid

      @Dio Brando many many thanks to ensure me. Hope i will find his new vdo in next week

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando

      @James kid well he has a handle so yeah, although it's easier cause you feel less more weight underwater. Good challenge actually I'd like to see him try it

    • James kid
      James kid

      @Dio Brando

    • James kid
      James kid

      @Dio Brando ya bro

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando

      @James kid i meam 50 would actually be possible if the pool had handles or something. But it wouldn't really be pushups anymore, it would be pulling and pushing

  • streep rood
    streep rood

    ben jij nederlands

  • Psychic Punisher
    Psychic Punisher

    Bald Gang

  • DARK Rai
    DARK Rai

    What is the song?

  • Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel Rahman

    1 push up a second. 60x60=3,600 (1 hour) How i got the answer: 6x6=36 60x6=360x10=3,600 3,600x24= 86,400 (1 day) How i got the answer: 36x4= 14,400 How i got the answer: 30x4=120 6x4=24 120+24=144x100=14,400 3,600x10=36,000x2= 72,000+14,400= 86,400. 86,400x11= How i got the answer: 86,400x10=864,000 864,000+86,400= 950,400 How i got the answer: 800,000+80,000=880,000 64,000+6,400=70,400 880,000+70,400=950,400 950,400x1.05219= 1,000,001 I used my actual brain for this even tho i knew it was gonna be 1 mil seconds but i’m just showing how its done even tho there is no point Edit: u gained 100k subs in a month

  • Jairus Rycu Jimenez
    Jairus Rycu Jimenez

    i thought it was no click bait >:C

  • Oscar Siemionek
    Oscar Siemionek

    wow ik wiest niet dat U Nederlands kunt praten. Hoe hebt U het geleerd?

  • slammed by snx
    slammed by snx

    this shows he really cares about each and every one of his subscribers

  • Achie Uchiha
    Achie Uchiha


  • MeDoMeer

    Wut je bent gewoon nederlands, lmao

  • EMann Juschillin
    EMann Juschillin

    click bait...just click next video


    'Finally i hit 500 subs' is my dream

  • Davis Crevier
    Davis Crevier


  • Nahyan ali Alsareem
    Nahyan ali Alsareem


  • Knowledge Josh
    Knowledge Josh

    "Togeder" I freaken love his accent!

  • Markiefy

    G3T-_-B0XXED FORTNITE CODE USE IT TO GET 10000000 v bucks

  • Papi Siebe
    Papi Siebe

    Realising he is a belgian guy😍

  • ben

    Lekker bezig gast

  • Sjoerd Plas
    Sjoerd Plas

    Are you Dutch?

  • Revendal Muilenburg
    Revendal Muilenburg

    Lekker man

  • blizzard not in szn
    blizzard not in szn

    The video under this one was Goku coincidence? I think not

  • Kimberly Dahl
    Kimberly Dahl

    Thank u for the content

  • FoxDabberX
    FoxDabberX - 2021 pushups

  • 1slxm_

    Atleast i'm worth one pushup right?

  • Mc Jayden gg
    Mc Jayden gg

    It so much it is not possible

  • Gaming adicts 4 life
    Gaming adicts 4 life

    When u we’re doing push-ups it looked like u were jack Doherty

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato

    I will feel bad for u If u hit 50 mil subs xD

  • Hey Brand
    Hey Brand

    je bent nederlands toch

  • The Fitness Maniacs
    The Fitness Maniacs

    Watch this fitness video.. -

  • demunnen

    Eerst dacht ik aan je accent dat je nederlands was maar nu weet ik het zeker vanwege het woordje herhalen in het programma waarmee je de loop edite

  • Abrar

    The stream was not funny tbh it was really cringe obvious and garbage, i first saw u doing the 1000 pushups in an hour challenge and then this stream comes, it actually decreased my respect for u that u would fake something this obvious :(

  • No Equipment Workout
    No Equipment Workout

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  • Dejay_YT

    Ey ben jij nederlands

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