I Took Cold Showers For 10 Days, this is what happened
I Took Cold Showers For 10 Days, this is what happened
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Cold Showers: Extremely popular now and Most widely known because of Wim hof and his method, crazy guy from the same country that we’re from, and he claims cold showers are amazing, so let’s put it to the test
Watch the full episode, it's epic haha
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I Took Cold Showers For 10 Days, this is what happened
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  • Browney

    This was one of the hardest challenges to start with, try it out yourself! MY NEW PODCAST: itmores.info/post/R0T8UH-8_htroK2v5gRMlQ (smash subscribe)

    • Owen Hawkins
      Owen Hawkins

      bro my first ever cold shower I went for 5 mins

    • Parkour Gaming
      Parkour Gaming

      Devil number

    • Jky 17
      Jky 17

      I've been doing this for over a month now and I really thought everybody knows just going into cold water is unhealthy, but ok I guess you didn't. try to splash you face and chest are first

    • Magar Charan
      Magar Charan

      I am just a 13 years old I can it always πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰

    • Doctor dammupetz
      Doctor dammupetz

      Im gonna dls to

  • Phillip Rackow
    Phillip Rackow

    Bloody wimp...

  • Bob Harvey
    Bob Harvey

    Me who never goes in warm showers

  • IsLix

    bro i’ve been taking cold showers since I born and im not ironman

  • Irfan Khumaini
    Irfan Khumaini

    me getting it everyday.....isnt it normal or maybe because of the climate in my country

  • Seth Anthony Jones
    Seth Anthony Jones

    I think you use soap in a shower:)

  • Adela Chavez
    Adela Chavez

    2 guys in the same restroom... nothing going on in there

  • Envy γƒ…
    Envy γƒ…


  • swift naruto
    swift naruto

    i take cold showers to prepare for the cold world

  • josh czestiakow
    josh czestiakow

    i saw steam hes clickbaiting

  • Shy. ny
    Shy. ny

    2:00 why is there the swiss flag

  • Tibe Moun
    Tibe Moun

    I took cold shower like 10 yeah

  • MP Photography
    MP Photography

    Just started working out. My weight is just right but I want to get some muscles. You're the one that keeps me going! Great role model!

  • Matthew Lai
    Matthew Lai

    I think my shower is warmer than yours. It's just like a cold pool, 60 degrees ferenheight.

  • Rowan Tharwat
    Rowan Tharwat

    lol don't do that. start with hot water and then slowly to warm then to cold. i always do that all my life


    LOL he only tried it now i have been doing this for when i was 4 and now i am older lol #browney week

  • ILikeFood

    I've taken cold showers everyday for the past 3 years, now the cold water just feels cool. At first I did hot-warm>warm>cool>cool-cold, then I did max hot>warm>cool>max cold, now I just do max hot>max cold, I feel great after taken a cold shower. Sometimes the water is either hot enough to feel like I'm burning but I just deal with it until my body adjust, or cold enough to my skin feel the temperature less. I tried fully cold and it was great, but I prefere the hot>cold, the transition from hot to cold is what I could only describe as a magical awakening, it's great(when you get used to it that is).

  • HerobrinePlayz

    I did this for ten minutes every day for a Month

  • Jacquelyn S
    Jacquelyn S

    After about 2 minutes you don’t feel the cold anymore.

  • Tanner Neese
    Tanner Neese

    7:49 *Looks in mirror and sees girl filming* Me: That is kinda sus watching a man shower.

  • Wisdom Ochei
    Wisdom Ochei

    Is having cold showers so special over there? πŸ˜‚ Over here in Nigeria its normal, maybe its because of the warm weather

  • The Secondary
    The Secondary

    Am I so bored i just watched a guy take 10 showers

  • Gage Rowan
    Gage Rowan

    Fun fact: the only things the girls were looking at was his musels and his abbs

  • solider rblx
    solider rblx

    4000 days later me*OMG IM SO BUFF>:)

  • clapzy

    how cold should the water be and with which water do you need to shower with shampo

  • Mr. Luqman
    Mr. Luqman

    Start from your leg and up until head, slow and steady...donot start directly from the head...it much better

  • Luca Palm
    Luca Palm

    Arjon is super strong, and trains like wim hof, point proven wim hof method works

  • Luca Palm
    Luca Palm

    Anyone else spot the wim hof shower head in the thumbnail?

  • Ebbe0724

    Did you shower normal like with shampoo and things in does 10 days, if yes when?

  • Tymo Z
    Tymo Z

    30 days of taking cold showers and now after 10 seconds of it I don't even realise the water is cold.πŸ˜‚

  • MrBeastEs

    I live in a tropical/hot country and i don't even take cold showers

  • Aarush Dutt
    Aarush Dutt

    9:55 you can see steam which means it was a warm shower.

  • Milos Kostadinov
    Milos Kostadinov

    Wow now we go 2160p wtf


    I am going to do that again with the tips

  • Shema

    Cold showers ?? I'm even supprised you take hot showers

  • Suad Albarkani
    Suad Albarkani

    when i was 8 i used to like cold showers i was showering every day with cold showers for some reason i really hated hot showers but when i was 10 i started to get to hot showers more and more so i was showering with cold water for 2 years...

  • Dimas Adlyn Kauthar
    Dimas Adlyn Kauthar

    POV: Your watching someone shower and you enjoy it.

  • Anurag B
    Anurag B

    so overrated,I liked your interest for it.. Subscribed..

  • Chloe ASMR
    Chloe ASMR

    I'm a woman and i couldn't concentrate on the video cos of you're hot body damn you are handsome and sexy 😍😍 x

  • Aniket

    Just a bunch of dudes taking showers for 13 minutes.

  • Veiskiboi

    im here laughing in finnish

  • Brayden Luckenbill
    Brayden Luckenbill

    10:00 it looks like it’s steaming🧐

  • rangers16 1105
    rangers16 1105

    I just watched 13 minutes of 2 men showering


    yes they are

  • FraCuu

    Guys from the Philippines be like: bitch wh-

  • pixult

    browney: do it at the end of the day me: no

  • The Dee Bee
    The Dee Bee

    I dont know but for some reasons when i get flu i just take a cold shower and the flu just goes away.

  • Satori!

    Me: "Imma go do bed early today" Me at 0 : 50: *Watching a man taking shower*

    • Wxrm 2x
      Wxrm 2x

      Me rn

    • HarrySmithUk

      Fr lol nearly 2am rn

  • mama im a bandit
    mama im a bandit

    9:55 lmao you can see the steam im pretty sure cold water doesnt steam.. just sayin

  • Mayur Nikam
    Mayur Nikam

    You can have cold shower whenever you want and its insanely awsm πŸ˜³πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Cold showers don’t even feel cold anymore


    Have been taking cold showers for 20years,Nothing happened! πŸ™‚

  • Annie Leonhart
    Annie Leonhart

    That is good for muscles?

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens

    Do this to become to immune to Covid

  • Pakar IT Solution - Global
    Pakar IT Solution - Global

    Wash your feet first, and then slowly go upper.. not directly to the head first.. of course you'd be dead within a months if keep continue like that

  • Chastityoof 123
    Chastityoof 123

    He looks stronger

  • Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo

    good for covid lol


    I'm doing cold shower my whole life and I'm Asian

  • Nermin Salkic
    Nermin Salkic

    For head hot water --BODY NO PROBLEM WITH COLD WATER

  • Q Z
    Q Z

    11:32 We can clearly see the difference, at the 10th day the shower door finally came!

  • maL oun
    maL oun

    i've done this challenge even earlier than you've done this video)

  • dimitri spasic
    dimitri spasic

    Why did you still have your neck less on doesn’t that rust?

  • Anthony Mejia
    Anthony Mejia

    Wayyyyyy tooooooo overdramatic

  • DamianSullivan Sullivan
    DamianSullivan Sullivan

    Don’t tense and you feel warmer

  • amaree

    I am accustomed to cooled showers cuz I’m a swimmer so I live in cold πŸ₯Ά

  • Those Sneaker kids
    Those Sneaker kids

    God loves you

  • Guaran D
    Guaran D

    I take a normal shower for the washing part and brushing teeth, then turn the hot off and turn the cold up for the rinsing. For a good 2 to 3 minutes. Cold showers are not necessarily all that cold, but will vary by season and where on the planet that you live. In the Central US, summer, cold water is about 75F/24C, in the winter it gets down to about 51F/11C which is pretty damn cold The nice thing about at LEAST doing a cold rinse, is that when drying you are not sweating and stinking up your towel and wiping that all over yourself. As you dry you also warm up, get more acclimated to the current air temperature which will feel warmer, even if that is lower than you might typically set it to. So it helps you can get used to cooler room temperatures. This can help burn fat/energy (not all that much probably) if you want to that. BTW don't shave your pubes... bald != sexy, like, at all. (Sorry sponsor) A trim is ok to 2 to 3cm, but bald is gross imho.

  • Hit Tilp
    Hit Tilp

    my mans water bill just went to the sky

  • Alireza Rezaie
    Alireza Rezaie


  • King Dave
    King Dave

    i've been bathing cold showers since i was 10 i still get sick tho but very rarely

  • Basics

    I just started doing the cold shower

  • Kasty lix
    Kasty lix

    Your balls will thank you

  • Ivan_here _lol
    Ivan_here _lol

    I remember a long time ago when the warm water didnt work so we had to shower with cold water for about a week😐

  • Emily Billingsley
    Emily Billingsley

    Who else almost gets the wind knocked out of them when taking cold showers

  • anamarija biuk
    anamarija biuk

    I want to try it

  • im too_pretty
    im too_pretty

    Anyone saw wim in the thumbnail?


    Why does the shower are steaming

  • Jack C
    Jack C

    I did this and now it’s just a part of my every day routine

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    This dude looks like a 10 year old face on a body builder body.

  • Seth Wolfenbarger
    Seth Wolfenbarger

    I have been doing this sense i was 5

  • Nibex ၦ
    Nibex ၦ

    9:55 we can literally see water steam.. you taking hot showers man :v

  • Kyle Peters
    Kyle Peters

    I started taking cold showers

  • collectiveworldwithsaud

    FOLLOW me on Instagram as saud_irfan.1

  • milantha silva
    milantha silva

    l love youer body

  • Aleksandrs EniΕ†Ε‘
    Aleksandrs Eniņő

    9:55, you can see the water evaporating from him :D

  • fwzxy

    9:56 steam haha

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    9 am

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    I will see you tomorrow morning at work on Monday

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Good boy

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana


  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Knop public service do not provide any information

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Commercial for a few years ago but not much to do here at home

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Why don't you just send it over πŸ˜•

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Not yet

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    And then you will have some time on gym

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    When you get home from work

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    From korean Muslim

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    How are you

  • Romaani Sultana
    Romaani Sultana

    Hi browney

  • Graham emeka iyobosa
    Graham emeka iyobosa

    Bro his bull shit most people actually take cold showers must of the time and nothing happens. #dmthey do anything for content