I Tried To Become Superhuman In 30 Days
I Tried To Become Superhuman In 30 Days
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Superhumans, people who do the craziest things in the world, things people think are impossible, out of this world, they do.
I want to learn that, but can everybody do that?
According to superhuman Wim hof, we can, I posted a full documentary with him where he explains his method and how YOU are just as superhuman as him. Let's give his method a try. Let's go.
Disclaimer: If you choose to follow anything I do or say in this video, do so at your own risk. I am not a professional so do your own research prior to attempting this method.
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  • Browney

    This is the finale of the "Superhuman' / ice man / cold shower series! Hope you enjoy this episode. there are some crazy edits and things in there that took way too long to make so smash like 💦

    • Universpro

      Did you reach 0°C?

    • Universpro

      You met Bill Murray!

    • Hidde Carlier
      Hidde Carlier

      Are you dutch

    • Scott Erlano
      Scott Erlano

      For some reason after 1 shower, I was immediately like "MEH" then took only cold showers for 1 year LOL. That was wayyyyy before I watched this

    • Roby Jairhem
      Roby Jairhem

      Any tips to get rid of chest fat?

  • Andrew Nikolayev
    Andrew Nikolayev

    9 years old 50 pushups

  • Bharat Sharma
    Bharat Sharma

    He looks like sam curran.

  • Michal Gladkowicz
    Michal Gladkowicz

    Normalnie nie mogłem zrobić 20 pompek.Po trzech rundach oddychania i czwartej przed pompkami na wydechu zrobiłem 43😉💪

  • Mark Pierce
    Mark Pierce

    Omg this process is a highly spiritual one and triggering the pineal gland

  • zyotic

    How the autocorrect worked in my mind: I tried to become Superman in 30 Days

  • Efthimis Danasis
    Efthimis Danasis

    Question... I took my first cold shower and it was easy and could go for 5+ minutes, what am I doing wrong??

  • AMG studios
    AMG studios

    this is the most entreating channel on ITmores for fitness

  • rubah

    day 1: 1 day 7: 3 day 20: 7 day 30: 69

  • Tag Boy
    Tag Boy

    Can we talk about the editing? OMG ITS AMAZING

  • Juctur

    Day 1 I did 20 push ups In a row day 30 I could do 57 in a row

  • Morgs


  • Stееzy

    you helped me thx

  • chris channel
    chris channel

    7:55 bro ur lips turned blue

  • Bara Boom
    Bara Boom

    It's PUSH-UPS not POUSHEPS!!


    If your hairs starts growing you have achieved god level

  • Gohan fighting Squad
    Gohan fighting Squad


  • Undesignated

    bsn no explode

  • Sabiq Hasan
    Sabiq Hasan

    isn't it because our body would burn it and we would become stronger?

  • João Oliveira
    João Oliveira

    Bro, i was just watching demon slayer and i see this guy doing breathing exercises to increase his energy and im like this man bout to be breathing fire at the end of the video

  • Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

    I can do 50 puch up in a row and i am 14 years old so is that good or bad??

  • Shckvertz 2468
    Shckvertz 2468

    Y r u bathing with ur apple watch on??

  • Tnx' Bayres
    Tnx' Bayres

    Day 1: 10 Regular Pushups Day 2: 14 Archer Push-ups Day 3: 10 Pseudo Pushups Day 4: 8 Tucked planche Pushups Day 5: 5 Pseudo Pushups am i doing something wrong here?

  • SrirachaCola

    Day 1: 1 Pushup Day 7: 100 Pushups Day 15: 50,000 Pushups Day 22: 1,000,0000 Pushups Day 30: ∞ Pushups

  • Rehan i
    Rehan i

    4:49 he was slipping 😂😂

  • White Family
    White Family

    I have always wanted a six pack

  • Malte Weizmann
    Malte Weizmann

    why is your shirt at breaking challenges from day 13 chill 20 the same shirt??

  • Haz IQ
    Haz IQ

    11:35 swag jutsu

  • Glenesto

    Day 1: 28 Day 3: 17 oooooooooof Day 4: 30 les goooooo

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    Ritz Neumann

    What does the necklace you ware mean??

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai

    how old is he?

  • Amateur Animation
    Amateur Animation

    I thought this man was gonna be superman

  • Digby Airsoft
    Digby Airsoft

    There’s always at least one top comment about the guy in the blue shorts LOL

  • 15_Abhishek Hole
    15_Abhishek Hole

    We do this all breathing exercise in INDIA and call it YOGA from ages ago.

  • Totally Average Gamer
    Totally Average Gamer

    Is a cold shower without turning on any warm to the mix or just little?

  • Uweweosas

    When does the Browney Bottle come back? Wanted to buy it back then but I literally forgot about it...

  • Shko 120
    Shko 120

    I’m sooooo exited to do those exercises but , in my location don’t have these things ( like a these waterfall) and the cold shower [because u said ( these water in the home not good to this challenge ) ] so what should i do?💔 help me 🥰

  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming

    Cold showers better than hot go do research guys ☯️

  • Julio Proaño
    Julio Proaño

    you should colab with yes theory

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Browney is like Luke and Wim hof is Yoda

  • Kasper Martinsson
    Kasper Martinsson

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  • Erroll Williams
    Erroll Williams

    I did take cold shower day 3. It takes a lot of progress to working on my breathing exercises. Amazing.

  • Marin PZ
    Marin PZ

    3:50, what song is that? really want to listen to it

  • AnimalAce ace
    AnimalAce ace

    Just a heads up I think you need to start your breath down in the stomach area, not chest. Other than that great video!!!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    I have been training for 28 day now Day 1 push-ups: 3-5 Day 28 push-ups: 15-17 Super proud of my self

  • Shainy George
    Shainy George

    Guys can anyone tell me the name of the song at 3:50? Plz. I can't find it

  • Nasya aiden Del Rosario
    Nasya aiden Del Rosario

    This man Speedrunning Gray Fullbuster's training

  • Arvid Nilsson
    Arvid Nilsson

    9:57 *DaBaby song plays in background 10:20 LETSS GOOOO

  • Isak Lindberg
    Isak Lindberg

    Heller i have one question, peoples says se finna so i push ups or t push ups but it thats true.

  • Wholesome Bat
    Wholesome Bat

    0:38 now that's good editing,,he copied the reflections in the mirror too lol

  • the spoons are alive
    the spoons are alive

    3:50 FNG academy intro music

  • DILNAZ Besania
    DILNAZ Besania

    What is the theme name of this video

  • Thomas

    Very interesting video.

  • Chroma Panda
    Chroma Panda

    DAy 1 - 20. (hope dis works lol

  • Reece Becker
    Reece Becker

    This is actually helping, kinda surprised me

  • Luc Hall
    Luc Hall

    Wil je alsjeblieft een keer Nederlands praten


    lol the 69 pushups 14:21

  • Knfnkeodkwn Der Echte
    Knfnkeodkwn Der Echte

    Ein Hof is 61☝️😂

  • FT ice
    FT ice

    4:25 in the poland we say we ,,morsować''

  • Ayushmita Pyne
    Ayushmita Pyne

    Even I take cold showers in the summer!😂😂

  • Don't read my profile picture
    Don't read my profile picture


  • soulfours

    Day one 127 Day 7: 204 Day 15: 236 Day 30: 378

  • Gayan Van Hamersveld
    Gayan Van Hamersveld

    Respect before you du dis

  • Madia

    Man, with white socks you are definitely no superhuman :)

  • Ravindra Nath
    Ravindra Nath

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    Lachlan Arentz

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  • Social Failure
    Social Failure

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    CuZX Xray


  • the cobra's
    the cobra's

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    Randy Luz

    I can barely do 20 push-ups, and you just did 111 ;-;

  • Mustafa Al-Baghdadi
    Mustafa Al-Baghdadi

    13:15 oooh man what the fuck , i cant find the music what the hill is the name of the song

  • Máté Bodor
    Máté Bodor

    Day 1: 1468 push ups Day 30: 4257 push ups OMG IT'S WORKING!

  • Dave Lapointe
    Dave Lapointe

    Nice video, thanks! I stopped WHM for a while now but when I stopped I was around 70 pushups on a single breath, around 3 min in -2C bath. I stopped because I began to get a lot of chilblains on my toes and right hand. :(

  • SpurseRinne

    My Max push ups is 120 and I’m not even as buff as he is lol

  • Xero1of1

    Seems like something similar to 'compartmentalization' that some of the special forces do. You basically take your pain, put it into a box, and put that box on the shelf. You know it's still there, but it's not in the forefront of your mind. The problem with this is that pain is your body telling you that you're damaging yourself. If you ignore the pain too much, it could actually cause serious harm. But compartmentalizing is a way for you to still accomplish your mission without being slowed too much by injuries, light or serious. You just have to learn which pain signals mean you're getting close to your limit and which pain signals mean you're actually breaking or damaging something. Ignore the first, pay attention to the second.

  • BigBad Bean
    BigBad Bean

    man, I can't weight till i can do double the pooshups

  • Hunter The Skullmask
    Hunter The Skullmask

    I think this video is the best video in Browney's channel

  • Saint SmAsH
    Saint SmAsH

    man learning hamon .

  • Fred Wilson
    Fred Wilson

    Great job Stan . I can see a little but sag as you push the last couple,May cost you a couple of pushups.


    Weight 77.4


    Age 13 max push up 9 after 16

  • Narresh


  • Signal Cheezyy
    Signal Cheezyy

    Day 1 ( 48) Day 5 (100). Day 12 (171). Day 30 (293

  • Gábor Pitz
    Gábor Pitz

    Im a superhuman I can eat a whole box of cereal in 5 minutes

  • nightmare


  • Bertie Kemp
    Bertie Kemp

    I will try thid this once I've done the 100 press up challenge. My rep record was 50 but today was number 51. Tomorrow is 52 and so forth. Love a cold shower, as you know, without really loving them!

  • Akshay Akki
    Akshay Akki

    Plz make an video about height

  • Of The i Am
    Of The i Am

    This is not a brag but it does leave me confused... In 8th grade they made 2 coaches stand on either side of us and the highest push up score for the test went on the wall... I did 127 in 8th grade, And I gave up actually because people were yelling at me to stop ...(The guys) They didn't like that I passed the popular kid... I should have just said screw it and continued, My younger brother made it his goal to beat me so by the time he was old enough he was ready and he beat my score. Yes it was correct form, They don't count one push up without using both coaches, They actually made me do an extra 10 because one couch liked the other kid, The other coach disagreed but ...yeah, I never seen it as an "amazing" feet.

  • Dark Lord Sauron
    Dark Lord Sauron

    Cold showers feel good

  • Peter Barker
    Peter Barker

    i did this today it is harder then u think

  • George Tetteroo
    George Tetteroo

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  • FicZ enog
    FicZ enog

    day 30 69 pushups lol

  • Yuma Zeeey
    Yuma Zeeey

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  • Aleks Jeston
    Aleks Jeston

    610 situps on tramoline

  • einwenigtot

    13:17 daaamn the fastest pushup I have ever seen

  • Adder Dominus
    Adder Dominus

    Day 1: 25. I could do more since I have in the past but I'm sore from work Day 2: 35 (barely XD)

  • Fausto Filho Cremasco
    Fausto Filho Cremasco

    Day 1: 44 pushups

  • ulsee.

    13:22 thats ferg's music

  • Samurai

    Overcome, adapt, improvise

  • Younis Playz
    Younis Playz

    Day 1: 10 push ups Day 5: 20 push ups / gained my first muscles and my 6-packs began to appear Day 10:? Day 15:? Day 20:? Day 25:? Day 30:?

    • OrangoTango

      @Younis Playz good job bro

    • Younis Playz
      Younis Playz

      @OrangoTango nah i play pull ups and play boxing because i was getting bullied for like 5 years so i want to get my revenge. (who was bullying me threw rocks on me too)

    • OrangoTango

      Do u just do push-ups or something else

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