Is The Hang For 100 Seconds, Win $100 Challenge a SCAM? (and how to beat it)
Is The Hang For 100 Seconds Win $100 a SCAM? (and how to beat it)
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You probably know this thing, maybe you have seen it on a fair, or around a gym or just in one of the insanely viral videos; Hang for 100 seconds and win a $100 challenge.
So I wanted to buy one myself and challenge my friends and maybe strangers, but it turns out there is no way to get them where I live. So we had to make one ourselves, this actually worked!
But no one could get it, no one won. So in this video we're going to look at what YOU can do to walk home with $100 when you encounter one of these challenges.
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Hang For 100 Seconds Win $100 Challenge (we build our own bar)
Is The Hang For 100 Seconds Win $100 Challenge a SCAM? (and how to beat it)
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  • Browney

    If someone ever wins $100 because of this video, smash liek, and comment it here 😂🔥

    • FIZOID

      I did it with my best friend and it was funny because I was almost crying in pain🤣🤣🤣

    • Aditya Prakash
      Aditya Prakash

      Hold like front and back ✊ like this 😁

    • Ian Netten
      Ian Netten

      Is the guy who timed u on the not self-made bar dutch or are all of u guys dutch


      Yeah the liek

    • Pareak

      I can hang 200 seconds, because i trained it... And i know someone who can hang for 5 minutes

  • Broodjestester

    heb je die bar nog? laat mij dit proberen aub!

  • The_Anonymous

    The place where I tried this the rules were that you can't move up or down , so it was nearly impossible to beat it. Scam I guess

  • Savin Bendre
    Savin Bendre

    Make vedio on body transformation


    Got it with my nose

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Done. Boom!!!

  • Tuna Subb
    Tuna Subb

    It’s not a scam if the people playing don’t pay anything though

  • Lektuerekurs

    Tipps at 8:05

  • Clan Pheonix YT
    Clan Pheonix YT

    i need help, i want that music at 8:50

  • spiegel

    It's also made harder by bending your legs back behind you because that adds to the backward twisting motion and your grip will give out quicker. So it's easier if your legs are just dangling straight down.

  • TheWatchingEye

    when there is the 100 second hang thing, just bring a bunch of kids. They can hold onto those bars forever.

  • theBaronV

    The bar usually turns around too

  • Rudra prasad Chandra
    Rudra prasad Chandra

    Browney is literally being my favourite youtuber...


    I tried it today😪😪,, ill upload the video 😂

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake

    One day i almost did it while drunk LMAO

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac

    Its like arm wrestling, you need to train specifically for it.

  • kevin p
    kevin p

    Good job wankers

  • Thomas

    I forget how long magnus midtbo got but I think he got a 100 seconds

  • No Name
    No Name

    I was 6 seconds away from winning last time i tried..

  • Oscar Woodyard
    Oscar Woodyard

    Browney: it is raining really hard so... Smash leik

  • Keanu

    Why not try the hook grip? If you get used to it it wont hurt as bad and theres no way you will slip.

  • Chris Cheek
    Chris Cheek

    It's harder due to the bar, but definitely not a scam, people still win $100 and you can train for it.

  • Cecil Liebert
    Cecil Liebert

    I’ve done 120 seconds

  • Deepak Singh Yadav
    Deepak Singh Yadav

    I tried this challenge and reach it with my 1st attempt and set new time of 130seconds

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming

    Cheat... use superglue

  • Eren Çimen
    Eren Çimen

    Türk olan varmı

  • A big bucket of chicken nuggies
    A big bucket of chicken nuggies

    I wanna try

  • Just Someone here
    Just Someone here

    This dudes money hungry

  • Leo King
    Leo King

    I have a theory that could work. To counter a potential spin and grip loss, have both hands facing opposite directions from each other. That would counteract the spin and keep your grip at the max

    • ThaLukesta 2112
      ThaLukesta 2112


    • ThaLukesta 2112
      ThaLukesta 2112

      Thats not allowed

  • wingschicken #:
    wingschicken #:

    Tsjongetsjong zeg xd praat eens nederlands

  • Spikes Gaming
    Spikes Gaming

    0:41 Liam Thompson song

  • Cecil Abbott
    Cecil Abbott

    My sister did this 2 years ago at the time she was 10 but there was no reward for it

  • Relja Mrakovic
    Relja Mrakovic

    I did it yesterday it's so hard

  • fxrron

    Zijn Julie Nederlands??

  • Gabriel CHAMAT
    Gabriel CHAMAT

    I swear to god I am a kid 11 y old and I did a 188 secs dead hang

  • Matthew Kallaur
    Matthew Kallaur

    I did it for 124seconds first fucking arms killed me for 20 mins....dont do it

  • Samant Kumar
    Samant Kumar

    Tis goodh

  • Mark Francis
    Mark Francis

    Well you can hang for 100 sec but you cant use $100

  • Deadpool

    We actually did the same thing me and my friends holded on the bar at our neighbors house and we could hang for a very long time and the secret is that that neighbour just talked to us and we would actually forgot about the pain and the time just talk normally with the guy who is hanging. We had about 11 years back then you could actually try this method

  • bonkerzmusic !
    bonkerzmusic !

    I was hanging way up in a pull up for around ~2 minutes back in highschool. You had to do around 1:30 min to get an A. My friend was hanging around ~2:30, he basically stopped cause teacher told him so. Its not very hard if you do pull ups regulary. They are one of most powerfull workouts you can do, instead lifting weigths. Whole top of your body is working at once. I would suggest anyone to do pull ups... And see results in 2 months.

    • ProGamer YT
      ProGamer YT

      It is on a Spinning bar

  • Stefan

    Climbers be like...loooool. and never ever ever bend your arms. Just hang. *edit to be fair its about core strength vs muscle mass. The heavier you are the harder it is. I couldn't do it post injury.

  • Henry Molek
    Henry Molek

    Always stay light.

  • Henry Molek
    Henry Molek

    You got to be that person.

  • Henry Molek
    Henry Molek

    Yes it can be done.

  • Henry Molek
    Henry Molek

    It’s not a scam. Can be a challenge or can you do It.

  • Clive TheRedDevil
    Clive TheRedDevil

    can you not put one hand behind the bar and the other in front of the bar to stop it spinning ?

  • Balázs Dinh
    Balázs Dinh

    The easiest way to beat it is crossgripping but it seems like the carnevals wont allow it

    • Pan Někdo
      Pan Někdo

      Actually it is there more times: for example 7:48.

    • Pan Někdo
      Pan Někdo

      Yeah, at one point its possible to see "No mixed grip".


    which is the music

  • Shitface

    9:23 smash leek

  • Sandy Mandy 2004
    Sandy Mandy 2004

    WTF I did it once when I was 15 and it was 2 minutes and yeah it was spinning to it was hard it's all about finger strength I think I was able to do it because I use to do a lots of pull ups in the slabs in my house and was like 53kg Edit:It was in a theme park and I ate my lunch and more snacks before doing it too🙄

  • Jogindh Ss
    Jogindh Ss

    Just use one hand forehand and the other in back hand

  • Kavisha Singh
    Kavisha Singh


  • kevingabriel lagman
    kevingabriel lagman

    Just find mrbeast ez 10000$ bHahahaa

  • Joshua Bilkenroth
    Joshua Bilkenroth

    Where do je live

  • Axelox

    Do you use like Liam 's theme song thing?

  • Dillon Johnston
    Dillon Johnston

    Climb on top of it

  • nlspots

    Wait you’re Dutch?

  • Quartex Games
    Quartex Games

    In Wild West people had necks so strong they used them to hang instead of arms and they could do it all day. Then they had to go to sleep for a long time.

    • Ken Kajar
      Ken Kajar


  • spray ferdays
    spray ferdays

    Wrap your fingers over your thumb. Basically have to wrip your thumb off to lose

  • toxic dragon
    toxic dragon

    Why delete my comment. But like I said before. You could do a alternate grip to win the challenge. On hand forward and the other under hand.

  • m1ch4Lko

    Do the rules say that a mixed grip (one hand underhand, the other overhand) is not allowed?

    • Lucas Sherkan
      Lucas Sherkan


  • random dude
    random dude

    What if you do a pull up and sit on the bar cause you never dropped

  • Sebastiaan klaster
    Sebastiaan klaster

    Nederlands !!!

  • Alessandro Anderson
    Alessandro Anderson

    Another way could be to invite David Goggins to take their souls

  • VEga5cz

    I did it for 120 seconds /2 min.... Ether ur just shit or ur just too heavy for ur hand to support. no hate👐 just saying..

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming

    I can hang for 3 minutes i have done it in my school

    • Pro Gaming
      Pro Gaming

      @Zoramy i did watch the video lmao and ur making it seem so easy the normal bar is still hard to hang on cause your hand gets slippery and the bar i was hanging on was super thick my hand barely went around it

    • Zoramy

      @Pro Gaming then that’s easy af lmao I’ve hanged like 4 min before so like it’s easy. They are using a special type of bar which makes it harder. So u didn’t watch the vid lmao

    • Pro Gaming
      Pro Gaming

      @Zoramy i guess u can say that cause iam holding the record in my school and it was the bar in our school workout room

    • Zoramy

      @Pro Gaming so ur saying, ur stronger then a body builder by like 5 timeS? And it was the special type of bar not normal?

    • Pro Gaming
      Pro Gaming

      @Zoramy Lmao yes y?

  • Beast

    I hanged for 1min and 20 sec I’m only 11

  • Kilian Siebert
    Kilian Siebert

    I did this at a mash in in German their you have to hang for 2 minutes an I dropped at 1,45 and lost but I is double

  • mael

    Don't ask Chris heria to do this challenge youll lose the $100

  • No Name
    No Name

    In my country it's 120 sec for $25...

  • Joe

    Freakin trash

  • valy0f

    i did 2 minutes without much training, do people actually think this is hard

  • Yasuo Main
    Yasuo Main

    bro i did it at first attempt

  • Stan Borms
    Stan Borms

    I got a trick for it

  • KLR edits
    KLR edits

    Browney Face- childish and cute Body- beast and incredible

  • Brett

    Turn hands different directions idiots!

  • Mohamed Rasiq
    Mohamed Rasiq

    Bro I already hang 100 sec in my age 15 and I'm 16 right now I can do that now too

  • FBI

    just make one hand facing one way then hold it facing the other way (one palm facing you one facing away it should be easy)

  • Nadeem Mna
    Nadeem Mna

    I actually got to 140s but i had to do it for 3 minutes. Love from pakistan

  • Alexis Armendariz
    Alexis Armendariz

    I dont understand why it's hard, back when I was in high school wrestling. We would hang for longer then a minute

    • Gowdham GM
      Gowdham GM

      Rotating pipe is covered with that hang bar handle...

  • Electro Elysium
    Electro Elysium

    I was gonna say that it was easy with a mixed grip... But apparently it's illegal :(

  • Yan Arnold
    Yan Arnold

    Using opposing grips with your hands should eliminate any resulting torque on the rotating bar. Have you tried that?

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos

    Dude I’m 14 and I just thought about doing it randomly so I did it for 2 minutes no problem and I was like this is so east so I looked it up and was like these people can’t do it

  • myzu

    i hanged 1 min n gave my best but when i got of the bar i couldnt use my hands anymore they where like freezed n it hurt

  • Tedrax X
    Tedrax X


  • Linde Markesteijn
    Linde Markesteijn

    5:11 are you dutch??

  • agashpower

    I don't know why I watch this video over and over again.

  • Emelia Owusu -Sekyere
    Emelia Owusu -Sekyere

    He's copying other ITmoresrs

  • Gabriel Lander game composer
    Gabriel Lander game composer

    Could do it one hand. These millennials should have done some construction work carrying concrete in steel buckets whole day so they would be less femine. Lil muscles made of cabbage and carrots.

  • Yakub

    "Banot by to rozjebał"...

  • Koko Bruh
    Koko Bruh

    Easy boy 😎 i can do it 🔥🔥🔥 watching my next video

  • Rafał G
    Rafał G

    Poland have guy and he hang for 4minut and 40seconds

  • Gospel Bearer
    Gospel Bearer

    I wonder if one hand forward and the other backwards would help?

  • Morien Bendinelli
    Morien Bendinelli

    Smash'd the 👍🏽😊 I've got some questions about it, though... (1) legal position is vertical, not upside down? (OK, I thought of a back lever, but one would spin to vertical again, anyway; plus, if you can back lever 100s straight, you're already a champion, in my book...🏆🏆🏆); (2) is it a good idea to practice thumb/wrist strength? Because, in the end, if you think about it, you're carrying a lot of weight on those 2 thumbs alone; kind of the same as the other 8 fingers, combined...

  • Karl

    If its a rotating bar, use 1 hand front grip 1 hand reverse grip... Bar wont rotate.... simple

  • Tables

    AthleanX:Hold my beer.

  • Manish Joshi
    Manish Joshi

    I can

  • Kytroz

    What if you do a muscle up and then you stay up there?

  • Untold Truth Malayalam
    Untold Truth Malayalam

    Bruce lee we want you

  • Protoman888

    and of course cross grip will allow you to do it easy

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