REAL No Hands Pull up Challenge (Record)
REAL No Hands Pull up Challenge (Record)
#NoHandsPullup #Pullup #Challenge
The no hands pull up, can you beat us?
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REAL No Hands Pull up Challenge (Record)
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REAL No Hands Push Up Challenge (Record)
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  • Browney

    The intro took an insane amount of work and multiple people so smashing like would be appreciated

    • Yav Yanev
      Yav Yanev


    • Farhan Jafari
      Farhan Jafari

      Hey wait a sec

    • Nadim Reyhani
      Nadim Reyhani

      smash liek

    • Ronin Jairo
      Ronin Jairo

      @Cory Alessandro I am trying it out now. Looks to be working.

    • Cory Alessandro
      Cory Alessandro

      dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it

  • Cool Boi
    Cool Boi


  • Rainbow Slicer
    Rainbow Slicer

    I beat it I got 16

  • GGM Good Gaming Michael
    GGM Good Gaming Michael

    7:22 But.... didn't you beat 13?

  • solider rblx
    solider rblx


  • matthew moore
    matthew moore


  • I Simp for Miku
    I Simp for Miku

    For a skinny guy like me watching you guys do this makes me feel like I'm also doing it and it makes me feel very tired and anxious for some reason....

  • Gabriel Djärv
    Gabriel Djärv

    Day 758 of trying to find footage of Arjen with a different shirt...

  • Carl squad 10
    Carl squad 10

    I think it's fake and there's might be someone wearing green and very very very very stonger

  • Ameen

    After Effects

  • Tijl Cresens
    Tijl Cresens

    "kut!,kut!" Im dying my bro.


    Wow what a vfx

  • Pieter Soen
    Pieter Soen

    🇳🇱 een Nederlander 💪

  • Karthik Gowda
    Karthik Gowda

    I can hardly do 9 pullups, they are doing 14 no hand pull ups😧

  • Dyson Fresh air
    Dyson Fresh air

    No leg squat

  • Damien Biando
    Damien Biando

    If you look closely his shoes have a little black on them that’s the green screen

  • jason fifi
    jason fifi

    no hands iron cross challenge.

  • RBXGamerXDGG

    This is literally like a levitation

  • Paolo Cabatay
    Paolo Cabatay

    he is using the swing to pull up, that's why he can do more than the first guy

  • Nitin Chavan
    Nitin Chavan

    Newton will die seeing this


    What if once you achieve 4% body fat you unlock this ability

  • Abdulla Aljabri
    Abdulla Aljabri

    No why

  • Valerie Reynolds
    Valerie Reynolds


    • Comma


  • Shirsendu Acharyya
    Shirsendu Acharyya

    But . But it should be no hand fall down . Or something like that.

  • Artworld

    I like the music 😎😲😲

  • Ravneet Singh
    Ravneet Singh

    Highest level editing 😒

  • [3A05]莊智誠 CHONG CHI SHING
    [3A05]莊智誠 CHONG CHI SHING


  • MR SQUAD 101
    MR SQUAD 101

    Day 100 he will be flying and destroying stuff XD

  • Topse Adventures
    Topse Adventures

    Slow pull up challenge: itmores.infop0h4_gSUapI?feature=share 💪

  • Abdulhadi Al moosa
    Abdulhadi Al moosa

    The intro tho I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • мครтεя gคм¡หg
    мครтεя gคм¡หg

    India like here

  • killer piracy
    killer piracy

    I see it hard but this is not calisthenics I do calisthenics too any way you guys are cool

  • Chinmay Purohit
    Chinmay Purohit

    I think i need to learn ki manipulation in order to do this pull ups in right way

  • Lalremruata _12
    Lalremruata _12

    What DA heck

  • Kenley

    that is crazy like he is pulling himself up he is just floating

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    some cheaty form using the swing to do the pullup

  • HanuTheTurt

    Let’s be honest Aang is better at doing no hand pushups.

    • Browney


  • facc mecc
    facc mecc

    what's wrong with my world

  • The Gaming Beaver
    The Gaming Beaver

    GRAVITY has left the CHAT

  • Mantra kulshrestha
    Mantra kulshrestha

    That's called psycic, bish

  • Kshitij Konde
    Kshitij Konde

    Imagine Chris Heria getting involved in all this record breaking mania😃

  • Anja reichel
    Anja reichel

    i cant do one

  • akhtar ali
    akhtar ali

    Just don't just don't challenge that blue shirt guy, you gonna lose it at the end. That guy is an alien you know

  • akhil._. drawss
    akhil._. drawss

    The guy in the blue t-shirt did it soo cleanly .... Even browney can't beat him in his way of doIng these Jo hand pull-ups soo cleanly

  • Alicia Gildea
    Alicia Gildea

    That counts I played it in slow mo and I tied your record

  • Γιωργος Φτακας
    Γιωργος Φτακας

    I am from greece and i know chris kogias

  • Ennard Landa
    Ennard Landa

    Next thing u know there is already a Russian and Asian who beat them all by around 20 but don't have a camera or editing skills so they can't post anything to show it to the world

  • Tybusz

    Next video: earning 10 million subs without a Google account

  • 019 Sangkima WalkZz
    019 Sangkima WalkZz


  • gurek singh gill Gill
    gurek singh gill Gill

    I think you can count 15 rep because the guys did this challenge they have form like your 15th rep in my opinion you can count 15th rep

  • Guardian Kraken
    Guardian Kraken

    how much can you bench press? *video reqest*

  • ViBeZ Bomber
    ViBeZ Bomber

    HeyMattyM DID 21 REPS

  • SlayerSem xNLx
    SlayerSem xNLx

    That is edits bro

  • Amer AlTaweel
    Amer AlTaweel

    The thumbnail🤣 "Proceeds to do pull ups while only using his hair"

  • Mylo vreede
    Mylo vreede

    This is not real


    Nothing is easy for the guy in blue shirt

  • Cc Hammond
    Cc Hammond

    #workout for life am I right

  • Casual Emotions
    Casual Emotions

    that thumbnail went to comedy heaven. i died when i saw your face simulating someone doing an actual push up

  • JCJ Cortz
    JCJ Cortz

    I'm so glad I got 4 reps on my first trial😂. Cheer me up guys.

  • Samarth Vyas
    Samarth Vyas

    Arjen did it really clean Arjen's form was better than Browney

  • Darmawangsa Mampawa
    Darmawangsa Mampawa

    why brad always wearing blue shirt?

  • Nyamjav Gantulga
    Nyamjav Gantulga


  • dark dragons
    dark dragons

    I did 20 it's not that easy



  • Skilaris


  • Aryan Vinod
    Aryan Vinod

    My guy stop creasing the shoes

  • Darkness Trolist
    Darkness Trolist

    That Russian guy had his feet degged in the ground sooo its technically fake but the asian guy did it right cuz he was on the sidewalk and the others were some real and some fake there was an arab guy he did40 no hand but his feet were a lil in the ground he had safety boots on so that hurts my cousin did the no hand pull up he did 15 and his dead I wish we recorded it

  • Kiodai MB
    Kiodai MB


  • Cristin Markowicz
    Cristin Markowicz

    Holy, I did 5 of them !!

  • Y Shâdöw P
    Y Shâdöw P

    Backchod salle


    The guy in blue really has captain America strength without super soldier serum

  • rodney chia
    rodney chia

    The blue shirt guy was legit. The neck chain dude was swinging halfway through using momentum

  • Jesse Kosowan
    Jesse Kosowan

    You know its kinda ironic how a workout channel is named browney

  • Dinula VG's Bike Rides
    Dinula VG's Bike Rides

    The other thing you can do is repeat it or put it on loop for as long as you want it to be to hold the record

  • aiden gill
    aiden gill

    That look cool

  • Daniel Clyne
    Daniel Clyne

    Cool challenge but browney’s pull-ups on his first go looked like that gay CrossFit stuff

  • B4u Islam
    B4u Islam

  • Akhil FF
    Akhil FF

    Next workout 🔥🔥🔥

  • Icon's World
    Icon's World

    Workout: 2 hand pull up: (Trains arm) 1 hand pull up:(Trains arm) 0 hand pull up:(Trains spirit)

  • Tek Giap Ooi
    Tek Giap Ooi


  • Clark Gamble
    Clark Gamble


  • Clark Gamble
    Clark Gamble


  • hukkars lipors
    hukkars lipors

    3:34 chris kogias παμε λιγο ο καλυτερος

  • Noob Kamu
    Noob Kamu

    Are you noob😬

  • Vendor two
    Vendor two

    can I like this video?

  • dennis doh
    dennis doh


  • naman mathur
    naman mathur

    Why the blue t-shirt looks like captain America 😂

  • Clinton Scharfe
    Clinton Scharfe

    Is this real

  • yolo dhdj
    yolo dhdj

    You taken it to far

  • Andre Loh
    Andre Loh

    Meanwhile chris heria flys over the bar

  • art krishna
    art krishna

    The guy in the blue did it really smooth

  • War ninja
    War ninja

    Full no body workout plan let's get rippped

  • Gavin Allen P. Diestro
    Gavin Allen P. Diestro


  • JUDDA-yt

    I hate water

  • TheRandomly RandomGuy
    TheRandomly RandomGuy

    The thumbnail:

  • Elijah The Gaming Channel
    Elijah The Gaming Channel

    So fake

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh

    Smash like for blue t-shirt guy

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    What the

  • Shrivatson M.
    Shrivatson M.

    New ppl reading his shirt be like :uhh..excuse me..