The Impossible Squat Challenge (Just 1 Rep...)
The Impossible Squat Challenge (JUST 1 REP)
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#Impossible #Squat #Challenge
Impossible challenges, they’re not impossible, but for 99.9% of people they are.
You’ve got the impossible pull up, where you need to go up for 1 minute and go down for 1 minute, this is insanely hard. The impossible push up is a 3-minute push up where you need to go down for 1 minute 30 seconds and then up for one minute 30 seconds.
Now there is another challenge that everyone can join...
Better form clip here:
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Igor's video:
Impossible Squat (CAN YOU SURVIVE ONE REP?)
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The Impossible Squat Challenge (JUST 1 REP)
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  • Browney

    If you’re reading this you have to join the challenge, right now

    • Mithalesh Yadav
      Mithalesh Yadav

      I did 3.04 minutes

    • H i
      H i

      I could barely do it for 1 second I am so lazy

    • Shakib Basha
      Shakib Basha

      Bro notification and like button was reverse

    • Charlie Knight
      Charlie Knight

      I got to 2.53

    • banana_splitz5

      At 15 190lbs, I got 1:41

  • Alpha King
    Alpha King

    I'm proud of myself 💪😁 I actually did 3mins 03 seconds 😌😂😂

  • Za Za
    Za Za


  • Za Za
    Za Za

    I did it 2:23

  • Sasha Nixon
    Sasha Nixon

    I thought i couldn't move my legs after i did that LMAO

  • Danyal Raja
    Danyal Raja

  • Excellent Way
    Excellent Way

    4:20 my time

  • erős pista
    erős pista

    5min, easy ;)

  • Mangalya Lakhia
    Mangalya Lakhia

    Browney is bit of an ass when it comes losing to blue guy

  • BD & JC
    BD & JC

    I did it to 3.04

  • dogsandsoccer

    Arjen's legs look too wide. His calves are at an angle instead of being perpendicular to the ground.

  • Sharmina Ranee
    Sharmina Ranee

    I tried like you guys and I did it just right for 2:16 it's true and it was really hard but I tried my best

  • mehedi hasan shanto
    mehedi hasan shanto

    i do karate and i can keep it up for 5 min

  • Herman Mohd Arshad
    Herman Mohd Arshad

    Blue guy so strong

  • HACK Star LiTe
    HACK Star LiTe

    The showlin monks can do 3 hour

  • Martin Spiroski
    Martin Spiroski

    So funny wit the kong fu

  • Gabe Mcwhorter
    Gabe Mcwhorter

    The look on his brother face after Browney opened the door is priceless lol

  • King Aditya Desousa
    King Aditya Desousa

    This was hard my legs are shaking even after stoping

  • King Aditya Desousa
    King Aditya Desousa

    I have up at 2:21

  • Karthik Gowda
    Karthik Gowda

    Bro try 1rep crunches like the pushups

  • the black gogito
    the black gogito

    I am 9 years old and survived 3 minutes

  • Young Joseph12
    Young Joseph12

    I lasted for about 42 seconds, i couldnt walk for a while, as a 12 year old i failed


    what is the music in 7:32 plz

  • Gabriel

    19... Seconds

  • The Gaming Raptor 111
    The Gaming Raptor 111

    I do martial arts and how to hold it for 3 to 4 mins strate im 14

  • Dean Zacharis
    Dean Zacharis

    I beat everyone at the age of 9

  • Harith Harith
    Harith Harith

    Y does aryan wear's a blue shirt everytime👮👮👮

  • Shadow Reaper
    Shadow Reaper

    Is 1:30 good for a 14 year old kid who started lifting in 8th grade I'm in 9th now idk if that's good or bad

  • Firefly

    I got 1:55, really wanted 2:00

  • Pratham619

    This time I did it for 5:38 minutes

  • Casper. A
    Casper. A

    The guy on 3:50 was leaning against the wall i think, At least it looked like it.

  • Mayur Nikam
    Mayur Nikam

    Igor is op and you too 😳👌🏻

  • Hikari

    Arjen is a f-ing beast

  • Shiyetohb Chishi
    Shiyetohb Chishi

    Only the guy in the middle had the correct posture of the horse stand. Both of you should correct your feet and back.

  • Jeffrey Kankam
    Jeffrey Kankam

    I did 7 Min 27 sec

  • Ailes DePoulet
    Ailes DePoulet

    actually i did kenpo for three years and when they teach you how to do it one of the first thing they tell you is to keep your back straight, that way it's a whole lot harder. I've also heard crazy story of masters walking on students legs while they do the horse stence on their black belt exam and it's absolute insanity xD

  • Pushya Mithra
    Pushya Mithra

    I did it 3:35 seconds my record

  • Gogo Kuz
    Gogo Kuz

    I did it for 2 minutes 2o seconds

  • gAbY

    I was done of 2:02 and IM 10 YERS

  • MrSon

    i did it for 6:43

  • Docker 911
    Docker 911

    My karate sensei called this position ,the "TV watching pose" xd

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan

    I beated igor !!!!

  • Flloyd Austin
    Flloyd Austin

    I am 14 and I did it for two minutes

  • Theresa Mwazha
    Theresa Mwazha

    I lasted 3.10 minutes

  • John Smythe
    John Smythe

    I can hold this for 3min 30 sec

  • John Smythe
    John Smythe

    I did it for 3 min

  • Music Chann
    Music Chann

    me: oh thats ez me after 5 mins:hospital pls

  • Wassup Beyouch
    Wassup Beyouch

    watching it for motivation while smoking a cigarette makes it quite challenging

  • Asimananda Mahato
    Asimananda Mahato

    None of these r proper stance your head hip have to be in straight line not bend forward

  • Shayam Bisht
    Shayam Bisht

    It's not proper way

  • Atreya Mukherjee
    Atreya Mukherjee

    Karate, KungFu and Taekwondo ppl: Skipping forward to see the “impossible” part Edit: and a few more martial arts

  • Gabbs Sugarol
    Gabbs Sugarol

    I won yes

  • Hans Caceres
    Hans Caceres

    breat is the key.... the only thin your muscles need from outside its oxygen

  • Madhav's Hockey
    Madhav's Hockey

    I did this for 3 minutes and I am only 11

  • Newb S7
    Newb S7

    3:30 my record I’m tryna become as strong as a monk you guys want a video

  • ViggeBTW

    i am 13 and i got 3.15

  • saraswati parajuli
    saraswati parajuli

    It is very ez I am a black belt in kungfu So

  • saraswati parajuli
    saraswati parajuli

    It is very ez I am a black belt in kungfu So

  • suraj Pandore
    suraj Pandore

    I saw your 200 push ups challenge i challenge myself 100 pushpush for 30 days

  • suraj Pandore
    suraj Pandore

    You and your 2 friends are the best bro you guys are my inspiration lots of love from india.....

  • Hogrider Boom
    Hogrider Boom

    In our kungfu training we have to do this for 5 min everyday

  • Marin PZ
    Marin PZ

    Wow, as 14 and not being very fit (upper body-wise) I was surprised to find myself holding it for 5:10 😲, but it was hard going up the stairs after that, and even harder going down. day 1 : 5:10 already a pro day 2: increased to 6:10

  • Richard Bridgeman
    Richard Bridgeman

    I only made it about 1:45

  • gallopaway

    i can do it 4 minute as well actually you both are crazy

  • I am a little concerned about you
    I am a little concerned about you

    I am 12 years old and i did 2min and 9 seconds

  • Sarah Lovern
    Sarah Lovern

    I'm typing this part right before I take on the challenge. I predict a 2:00 minimum, 3:05 max. Squats are my JAM but I've *never* done a horse stance squat. AFTER THE CHALLENGE: My time is 2:33 I'm gonna try to beat this time in the future! Thanks for the fun lil challenge Browney, Guy in the blue shirt/Arjen, and Igor!

  • K r i s h n a
    K r i s h n a

    These guys are awesome 🔥

  • Sunil Pandey
    Sunil Pandey

    1 min 39 sec

  • DavidCédric

    Nice challenge, but you guys are leaning your bodies forward. It really is like cheating, although after 2 minutes or so it becomes challenging. To do it properly your backs should stay straight. And if you really want to do it monk style, your legs should tights should be flexed at almost 90°from your calves, (which means that you bums should get lower). I would love if you guys redo the challenge at least with the back straight, being totally perpendicular to the ground. Thank you and all the best to your channel.

  • Yaakov Arts
    Yaakov Arts

    I do 5 minutes and I dead

  • andrew prescott
    andrew prescott

    i cannot believe it i beat all three of them and I'm a girl. no cap

  • Aatevic

    Got 1 min and stopped cause i might get cramps after😂


    01:06 that is my time

  • jeng8tes

    I made it 2:30!

  • samar badran
    samar badran

    I did it for 3:min and 1 second and I am 13

  • Intro Me
    Intro Me

    I did this when i was in 6 th standard😂 as a punishment from my tution teacher And i did it for 35mints , I cried, i shouted, but couldn't leave it bcoz The teacher was Watching me with a stick in his hands😭🤬 And After that I couldn't walk for whole day😭😂

  • Nirey Music
    Nirey Music

    How does this man make a 10 min video from one squat.

  • mage on switch
    mage on switch

    ooo in my chinese kung fu class we do this for 5 mins every class

  • Ravindra Ramanayaka
    Ravindra Ramanayaka

    U did and I joined while watching u

  • Chanz Wong
    Chanz Wong

    i did it until 1:14 seconds

  • The Noobest Gamer
    The Noobest Gamer

    I did 2:30 it was so hard and I have never work out in my life

  • giorgi bokuchava
    giorgi bokuchava

    im not lying i did it for 7 mins which is not hard to belive bec i have been dancing (georgian) for 10 years and mainc objective for dancing is legs so yeah😄

  • Mohammed Otaifah
    Mohammed Otaifah

    I’ll beat you when I’m 10 years old

  • Trusten Li
    Trusten Li

    My new time 5:10 and I am only nine

  • Trusten Li
    Trusten Li

    My time is 4:00

  • Taheno Boeldak
    Taheno Boeldak

    i did it in 1 minute

  • oliver maclean
    oliver maclean

    It's interesting how separate this is from other forms of fitness. I know some really comparatively unfit people (low muscle / high fat) who can do this a very long time

  • numair ali
    numair ali

    5:49 says dislike videos

  • Cameron Wright
    Cameron Wright

    I got 2:21 on my first try, and trust me I sit on a chair and do school all day

  • Notusky

    thats a L sit right?

  • Dio the Evil
    Dio the Evil

    Never skip legday

  • piku borah
    piku borah

    M a kid and i can do it all 7 mins... 🙄

  • Sebastian Pieterse
    Sebastian Pieterse

    The only time it is really hard is when you do it properly

  • Sebastian Pieterse
    Sebastian Pieterse

    The kung fu stance is called mabu

  • 4A - 14 - Pandey Dhairya
    4A - 14 - Pandey Dhairya

    I am 10 years old and I tried the impossible squat and did it for 2 minutes 23seconds from India

  • Sha za q
    Sha za q

    The guy in the blue shirt: "I could do this all day"

  • Hogan Radic
    Hogan Radic

    i went 3 less seconds then your bro

  • Hogan Radic
    Hogan Radic

    I only got 1 minute. lol. I am weak boy

  • 25 Ramachandran Yadav
    25 Ramachandran Yadav

    I do this squat every morning in the toilet about 10 to 15 min.


    i can only indian seat for like a half day

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