We Broke 4 World Records in 24 Hours
We Broke 4 World Records in 24 Hours
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Today we're breaking 4 world records, try to break our records at your own risk...
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  • Browney

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    • Jesus ramerg
      Jesus ramerg

      I did it like 2 years ago

    • Yellowdotcom

      Hey it's me I am your 3k liker and description image means............... And it's also called Murian rules

    • David Lüscher
      David Lüscher

      And smash liek😂


      Browny IAM Indian I will challenge you comple Indian army fitness excersice

    • The Melody Project
      The Melody Project

      Bro ,you put them on your shoulders170kg ,please on above ypur abs.

  • Static-Impulse07

    Whoever says your vids are fake needs to try this themselfs

  • Rahul B
    Rahul B

    This guy literally break wold records every time I come here

  • dankosoul

    not trying to hate, but can we agree that the main reason they were able to put that much more and actually do those 5s much easier is beacause they just moved it closer to his shoulder, compared to the other guy in the beginning clip who did it closer to the waist. again no hate, just pointing out. also for anyone wanting 09:40

  • Gewoon Mila
    Gewoon Mila

    Ben ik de enige die realiseer dat ze Nederlands zijn?

  • Victor Nickel
    Victor Nickel

    Is it me or when they do side hop arjen looks like hes floating hes that fast

  • Tmgbros 2011
    Tmgbros 2011

    Me: in Ramadan fasting Browney:are you hungry? Me:remembers food 🍟🍔🌭🍕🍗🌯🫔🌮🧆🥙🍦

  • Power Ranger
    Power Ranger

    These guys are like bucky and captain America

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Guy in the blue shirt beat my friend Brandon’s record easily. All those tricks with the rings were insane

  • julian van den bor
    julian van den bor


  • Pierre9323.9

    Crazy challenges my dude. Great effort

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      what background music is this in the start smoeone plz help

  • pwfct

    3:09 huts a nivo 😂

  • Richer

    For the first challeneg, it got easier each time because the weight got placed closer to the shoulder each time.

  • jan ang
    jan ang

    nice videos new subscriber :D

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    lower back it really becomes a plank effort.

  • Don Codilla
    Don Codilla

    if that was 1000kg your spine be like bye bye


    If you wanna to break you limits you must have some girls before yuh!!

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      feel bad for the kid doing the jumping over the line thingy... I mean its a kid and u guys beat him... A KID!

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    I literally never clicked that fast in my entire life. The teachers wasn't amused.😂

  • Suman Thapa
    Suman Thapa

    Please some tips to increase chest

  • Reload On YT
    Reload On YT

    Bruh Guy in blue shirt calf down on those side jumps bruh 😂

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      You just broke world record for most world records in 24 hours

  • Capitan Rex
    Capitan Rex

    If they whould loud it faster up for u it whould be a bit easyer

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Guy in the blue shirt beat my friend Brandon’s record easily. All those tricks with the rings were insane

  • Sᴡᴀᴛᴀɴᴛʀᴀ Kᴀsʟɪᴡᴀʟ
    Sᴡᴀᴛᴀɴᴛʀᴀ Kᴀsʟɪᴡᴀʟ

    Guys promise us that you will always entartain like this by the way love your vedios

  • Xazore Brothers
    Xazore Brothers

    hope u guys get the Guinness world record

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Where is your third friend ? How is he going till now?

  • Awneesh Verma
    Awneesh Verma

    It took extra time creating the guy in the blue.

  • Shivam Bavaria
    Shivam Bavaria

    what background music is this in the start smoeone plz help

  • jenkins chumley
    jenkins chumley

    found this its good for weightloss

  • Warren Alston
    Warren Alston

    who caught the weeeee

  • Caleb Lancaster
    Caleb Lancaster

    them: does 17 NO HANDS pull ups Me: cant even do 17 2 HANDS pull ups

  • Mangesh Hebbalkar
    Mangesh Hebbalkar

    Try one arm push ups with claps

  • mattis der babo
    mattis der babo

    The blue guy wasnt in plank position

  • William Larsson
    William Larsson

    feel bad for the kid doing the jumping over the line thingy... I mean its a kid and u guys beat him... A KID!

  • Jovan S Benipal productions
    Jovan S Benipal productions

    Well my personal best record was 220 lb of deadlift, once I was at my friends personal gym and there was his sister and her friend. I felt a lot of pressure that I deadlifted fuckin* 330 lbs. And it's been 5 months but I am still unable to deadlift even 250 lbs. How tf I did it

  • freddbazz

    Its crazy how daniel always surpass browney i feel like browney is spongebob with the inflated arms and daniel is larry

  • Pisky

    You just broke world record for most world records in 24 hours

  • Casper. A
    Casper. A

    The one guy started with his knees on the ground maybe thats why you couldn't do it at first. Idk it's just a thought.

  • Kaspars Kaltnieks
    Kaspars Kaltnieks

    in the first world record the blue shirt guy wasnt in proper form i am not a hater but just saying

  • Yellowdotcom

    Hey it's me I am your 3k liker and description image means............... And it's also called Murian rules


    Where is your third friend ? How is he going till now?

  • Ydkufyiejts Jysiye
    Ydkufyiejts Jysiye

    Add weight on lover back not upper 😑

  • Nummelzockt LP
    Nummelzockt LP


  • Vlogs Dunia
    Vlogs Dunia

    do pull up from water or else I will unsubscribe

  • Joseph Tetro
    Joseph Tetro

    What is the song that starts at 4:50 in the background?

  • Shad Gemar
    Shad Gemar

    Love from Bangladesh ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Gaming with Azlan
    Gaming with Azlan


  • Tadao Van Dijk
    Tadao Van Dijk


  • James Duniam
    James Duniam

    I love how they just call him “the guy in the blue shirt” it’s like they just pulled him from the street and asked, “hey, wanna be in a ITmores video?”. 😆

  • Mark B
    Mark B

    3:09 HUTS

  • Dhruv Sindhal
    Dhruv Sindhal

    Bro, in 200 kg , last try , the weights were way forward to your upper back instead of on you lower back

    • Dhruv Sindhal
      Dhruv Sindhal

      But I love the left whole video

  • Toe's Tech
    Toe's Tech

    I would really like you guys to try out other ITmoresrs workout challenges for 30 days

  • WarIsMySoul

    планка ааххаха с поднятой жопой xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Marina Swanson
    Marina Swanson

    Hi! I love your challenge videos, very informative and entertaining. I'm wondering if you are planning on any plyometric challenges? Specifically the kneesovertoes guy/AGT program. I find his info super interesting and think it would be cool to see you and your sister do a plyo program and see your agility and flexibility/mobility gains.

  • Sushant

    Anyone know what's the height of Broney and Blue t-shirt ??

  • Sushant

    Anyone know what's the height of Broney and Blue t-shirt ??

  • LK2 NN
    LK2 NN

    Sidemen broke 24 records this is not big deal

  • thefireking 500
    thefireking 500

    How do you stay so motivatid

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Browney: "We broke 4 world records in 24 hours" Guy in the blue shirt: pathetic, I wasn't even trying so its more like I broke 4 world records

    • Browney


  • Dawson

    if you would put on the weight faster it would help

  • Farhan Mansor
    Farhan Mansor

    Hey Browney..now is month of Ramadan. I challenge you to 5 days fasting like muslim..

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      9:18 ramadaan

  • Skeletonkin

    i know this dosent mean much coming from me, some random stranger who watches your videos, but you changed my life

  • Mark Petruschi
    Mark Petruschi

    Great job, I think I have broken a record of my own... Thing is that I used to be really fat. I was on the verge of developing serious health conditions. I remember not being able to tie my shoelaces and my sleep has suffered as well. My life changed when I finally set my mind and started thinking that anything is possible if you decide so. I took a meal plan to start with, which I created online, on a website called Dietarize. It was super helpful to me because I didn't have to worry about calories, macros, nutrients and all that stuff. I just focused on walking long distances and exercising after I got on a level where I could do some simple workouts. I hope my story will inspire you to do the same. To change your body you must first change your mind!

    • Muhammed Kerem OVET
      Muhammed Kerem OVET

      @seal monkey69 You are a disgrace

    • The Plush Bros
      The Plush Bros

      Omg great job bro, keep up the great work and keep chasing your dreams

    • seal monkey69
      seal monkey69

      did i ask

  • sergi aliu
    sergi aliu

    5:00 does anyone know the damn name song? Its one year and no one does wtf!

  • Prathap Reddy
    Prathap Reddy

    You and blue shirt guy swap diet

  • Asmita Sandye
    Asmita Sandye

    the chennal name should change and be brownay and arjan

  • Shashwat Mangulkar
    Shashwat Mangulkar

    Actually you guys were holding the

  • Allosha Dsouza
    Allosha Dsouza

    U guys r awesome. Keep it up.

  • That Piano Man
    That Piano Man

    This was legendary

  • janmohamed mistry
    janmohamed mistry

    Try most bench press underwater

  • Giota Glarentzou
    Giota Glarentzou

    Stan make the Athlean-X muscle up challenge if you want it

  • Sven van der Gugten
    Sven van der Gugten

    Ben je Nederlands

  • Ahmad Baghdadi
    Ahmad Baghdadi

    Yo browmey.. Do you think Pivet madkilla's videos are fake?!


    I have a question i am 15 and i started this year with 101 kgs and now i have 84 kgs and i’ve changed my life is it ok my weight rn?

  • Zul

    Just want to make it 1000

  • souici yacine
    souici yacine

    9:18 ramadaan

  • Elijah Jarrell
    Elijah Jarrell

    What is the record of records broken in 24 hours

  • Dragon Gacha
    Dragon Gacha

    My dream is to meet u guys but it’s not gonna happen

  • Dragon Gacha
    Dragon Gacha

    Can u guys train me pleaseee it’s my dream to get strong

  • Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul

    If *Browney* can DO it, I CAN too, *It EZ* - 14 years old 🤴

  • Shawn Belliveau
    Shawn Belliveau

    how about doing an update on your brother, sisters and Sten's body transformation?

  • Jake Motionless
    Jake Motionless

    You know it's about to go down when the theme song plays 💪🏼

  • Sjoerd Bart
    Sjoerd Bart

    Can You make a video where you only speaker Dutch pls🤞😁 Dat zou heel leuk zijn voor alle Belgen en nederlanders Like if you would want that

  • Max Breeman
    Max Breeman

    wow kun je pls reageren ik wist niet eens dat je Nederlands was totdat die gast met het blauwe shirt zei: natte handen. XD

  • Let you Know
    Let you Know

    Can you pls send the background music of your channel.its really awesomeness.pls place the link of music in your next video

  • Drávucz Máté
    Drávucz Máté

    Hi Browney! I have a very important question. I am a very athletic person and train 11 times a week, But it is not enough for me to win. A year ago i decided to do more trainings, so at the end of every second day i do 100 pull ups. Is it right or should i do something else to. I don't have any problems but I also don't want any in the future.

  • Ostrio Eminus
    Ostrio Eminus

    Actually guy in the blue shirt is having better arms than browney... His arms r insane🔥

  • Terminator Gen
    Terminator Gen

    10:14 what's the song background song nane . Please

  • Josh Turrentine
    Josh Turrentine

    You should attempt the most one armed push ups with claps 🔥

  • Leon Folkersma
    Leon Folkersma

    The weighing scale is a paid actor

  • Pyxles

    No one: My backpack school is 8KG

  • Shadowcubez _
    Shadowcubez _

    0:45 It was easier for Calisthenics Family because they started with knees on the ground.

  • Je moeder
    Je moeder

    Maak gewoon een keer een Nederlandse video

  • Je moeder
    Je moeder

    You all are netherlands i heard it somebody Said huts hahahahahaha ik ben ook nederlands

  • Alhamdullilah god give me everything
    Alhamdullilah god give me everything

    next challange weighted push ups

  • Oasis Matrix
    Oasis Matrix

    His side jumps faster then Saitamas holyyy

  • Somya Sharma
    Somya Sharma

    Her : he is just your friend, you have to leave him for me The friends :

  • kenyan yusuf
    kenyan yusuf

    Stan's name should be guy in the red shorts

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    You should do a challenge where you run a mile every day for 30 days or something like that.

  • Vaibhav Shahi
    Vaibhav Shahi

    well you guys are insane you blowed of my mind but can you do no legs push up you will put all your weight on your arm and do push ups but no legs


    try the chris heria 200 push up challenge......he posted it quite a few weeks ago

  • Ryan Gurung
    Ryan Gurung

    Hey browney I'm new here I follow u are like my inspiration and motivation can u please tell if sit ups are bad for me a beginner or not btw love your videos great content

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