We Tried The Hardest TikTok Challenges In The World
We Tried The Hardest (Viral) TikTok Challenges (Can You Do It?)
#TikTok #Pushup #Challenges
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We got challenged.
I keep getting tagged on tiktok and Instagram with the craziest challenges, like some of them have to be fake, or not?
so today we're trying to beat all the challenges, in 1 day...
Oh and we are challenging you, to beat them as well and tag us in your attempts.
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We Tried The Hardest TikTok Challenges In The World
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  • Browney

    Make sure to keep tagging us in challenges, hope you enjoyed this episode! Big videos coming up so smash subscribe

    • Tygo Rentinck
      Tygo Rentinck

      @Tim De Graaff jaa

    • Tim De Graaff
      Tim De Graaff

      Are yall dutch

    • Mark Dreves
      Mark Dreves

      Elke Nederlander is te herkenen als hij Engels praat

    • Tygo Rentinck
      Tygo Rentinck

      @Moises Hodge sorry ik wil noet irrietant zijn maar het is volgens mij weight


      @Isath Kalumuni noo All the things this guy does is all real

  • Daniel Raviv
    Daniel Raviv

    wait he photoshoped cupps into the vid xD

  • Rainbow Slicer
    Rainbow Slicer

    Wow ur strong

  • Thierry Uwizeyimana
    Thierry Uwizeyimana

    If jousha kimmich gymed

  • Hasanpreet Singh
    Hasanpreet Singh

    Tik tok is a cancer

  • The Secondary
    The Secondary

    You guys would be so good at the long jump in track and field

  • Ibrahim Shah
    Ibrahim Shah

    just edited a picture of a cup lol

  • k

    lmao did you really CGI solo cups smh

  • AS Logics
    AS Logics

    No cups were harmed during the shooting.

  • Jack Farris
    Jack Farris

    Next challenge: how to FLY

  • IK52

    The 1k dislikers are just on jealousy mode

  • lavanya vasanthawada
    lavanya vasanthawada

    The blue shirt guy is powerful💪 from browny

  • Sailostt

    Did you guys hear that crunch it came from his back. 10:14

  • muhammad leghari
    muhammad leghari

    i hate you

  • louie

    the "smash liek" is working


    Did not know this guy speaks dutch .>.

  • SJ Status
    SJ Status

    I didn't believe that was 50 cups

  • Sumaiya Rahman
    Sumaiya Rahman

    U should have done one hand facing the other side

  • Saleem Abdool
    Saleem Abdool

    I like the wall

  • xakariyo

    That push up is killa magiga

  • giovanni galetti
    giovanni galetti

    Min. 7:25 there are fake plastic glass??????🤯

  • Chandrakala Gaha
    Chandrakala Gaha

    Right one is fake


    Thanks for 40 subs ab 80 karwado ♥️♥️

  • Boss gaming
    Boss gaming

    Love from india

  • suhail suhail pasha
    suhail suhail pasha

    ITmores is best

  • dev khoiwal
    dev khoiwal

    Put the bricks in plane base.

  • md Haris
    md Haris

    He is going super Saiyan!!!!! The blue shirt!!!

  • SSniperPugYT

    here i am... not even able to do one normal pull up

  • Angela Qi
    Angela Qi

    They doing ten pushups and pull ups when I can't do any

  • MyDudesOfficial

    At 7:19 look at Browney's leg it's going through the cup and at 7:22 his foot also goes through the cup FAKEEEEE

  • Chibay

    i click video, i see gymshark shirt, i leave xD

  • Noah 23 05
    Noah 23 05

    Ik heb geabonneerd van wegen 't Nederlandse elftal T-shirt

  • dani van montfort
    dani van montfort

    wait am i the only one who thinks that PIJN MAN from the Netherlands is? XD

  • Plat Lim
    Plat Lim

    What the hell happened to your legs in the thumbnail?

  • Darkness

    Jullie zijn nl 😃😃😃


    If you can't do you think it fake LoL

  • simbah 7
    simbah 7

    Try 1 arm planche pushup

  • Relaxing Storm
    Relaxing Storm

    11:19 Time to eat *Paimon*

  • ItzChxrzz

    You dutch?

  • Bowen Chen
    Bowen Chen

    Everyone after watching this video: “Ima try 1 push-up”

  • WinnerTK BOY
    WinnerTK BOY

    That is so

  • banana person
    banana person

    bro at 7:22 your foot went through the cup

  • Gaming GhostYT
    Gaming GhostYT

    That bald guy is Saitama 😂😂.

  • mr man
    mr man

    I like the guy with blue t-shirt the guy with the small beard

  • davincentcode

    the bricks are basically one arm pushups, the other one is for control, try to focus on one arm for strength, the other one for the bricks. Hope it helps, I liked the video, because I think you can come a long way if you guys keep this up!

  • David Vanderborn
    David Vanderborn

    Ur dutch ?????..? WHAT

  • as de
    as de

    A nice dutch gwote PIJN MAN xd


    heheheh mja ayay

  • Bigbeastmode 90
    Bigbeastmode 90

    How has no one noticed there was only 16 cups on the run up jumps

  • Crazy Sonicness
    Crazy Sonicness

    oh yeah GREECE

  • ducky likes random shit
    ducky likes random shit

    i don't understand how bruce lee did like 20 of those 2 finger push ups in a row, he was a different beast

  • aryan aggarwal
    aryan aggarwal

    They failed 6 of them lol also the last 2 the brick pushs up mainly

  • Soe Cool12
    Soe Cool12

    Good tips for muscle up

  • julie Williams
    julie Williams

    Some pie

  • Liscanek Czyli Ja
    Liscanek Czyli Ja

    ING? Czemu mam wrażenie że są polakami czy coś?


    gys how old are you all ?

  • EliteDivision

    Ben je nederlands

  • Dakshaba Vala
    Dakshaba Vala

    It was not really 50

  • Kiwisz NL
    Kiwisz NL

    The last bit of Dutch in the end was just legendary😂

  • Constantine

    Can you do a pull up with just your middle fingers

  • Hitler zjebał ale my damy rade
    Hitler zjebał ale my damy rade

    8:10 there are 18 cups

  • Destan Kuipers
    Destan Kuipers

    wait are you from the netherlands?

  • Sander Vonk
    Sander Vonk

    wtf the pijn man part made me question ben je fucking nederlands??

  • Taha USMAN
    Taha USMAN

    I have done

  • Bijen Khagi
    Bijen Khagi

    7:33 fake cups in-betweens...

  • Sipirion_X

    11:17Are you dutch beceaus you said pijn man

  • Noah Sutisna
    Noah Sutisna

    wel eng nl shirt😂

  • joas_YT

    Are they from the netherlands

  • XsavagetacoX

    7:20 my guys foot went through the cups 😐

  • Bocaj

    We get it, you're stronger than us

  • Demon Meliodas
    Demon Meliodas

    Is they guy in blue dutch?

  • David Brugging
    David Brugging


  • Bagza Nugraha
    Bagza Nugraha

    Nice Job Brother... Cek my video from Asia.. Indonesian... Broke three repetition two finger one hand Bruce Lee... I can do it 10 (teen) repetition... Thanks to All... Wellcome home

  • Valentijn Bakkers
    Valentijn Bakkers

    Im drom nl Holland

  • Opgezocht

    Besef me nu pas dat dit Nederlanders zijn😂😂😂😂

  • Дима Латынский
    Дима Латынский

    Very cool! And more interesting!!!

  • Zuriël Gill
    Zuriël Gill

    komen jullie uit nederland

  • E L J E M 30
    E L J E M 30

    Not the jordan pls🥺

  • Too lng
    Too lng

    cool wall bro

  • cayden Beltz
    cayden Beltz

    You won’t pin this I bet

  • Hoony K.
    Hoony K.

    bricks didn't work cuz you guys are on turf

  • Wwis๛amM

    Your channel likes to include your picture, picture of your brother, your name and his name because you always shoot with him

  • Daisy Bott
    Daisy Bott

    Is it just me or does it look like there floating

  • Olaf Bruins
    Olaf Bruins

    are you guys dutch

  • Spoteddy

    Im gonna get hate for saying this, but both brick pushups are basicly just 1 arm push ups and other hand is just holding a brick.

  • Heera Singh
    Heera Singh

    What's you age bro You really inspire everyone to be fit

  • Ashraf-ul- Islam
    Ashraf-ul- Islam

    Tik tok is always tik tok and Tik tok = 💩💩💩💩💩 Never say that you are tik toker if u r in india 😂😂

  • eftichia vas
    eftichia vas

    Έδειξε Σληδη

  • RLM

    This was recommended to me several times,,! Until i watched

  • marcel pijnenburg
    marcel pijnenburg

    WoW het valt me nu pas op maar jullie zijn Nederlands

  • Joey Spierenburg
    Joey Spierenburg

    11:18 ben jij nederlands?

  • lim ye shen
    lim ye shen


  • Noa Frings
    Noa Frings

    Ziek super sterke Nederlander

  • Jayden D Roos
    Jayden D Roos

    Whait r u dutch

  • Jet Playzc:
    Jet Playzc:

    bro he wass cheating 9:06

  • {FMJ}oxp_o9

    U dutch right?

  • Moti Singh
    Moti Singh

    Girls:- I'm sure he is talking to another bitch Meanwhile boys:-

  • AB Edits
    AB Edits

    very nice video.. guy guys are real beast

  • Joe C
    Joe C

    Jesus Christ loves whoever reads this!😁

  • Tracy Harrad
    Tracy Harrad

    I did a front flip for you guys you so cool

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